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Album launch Party for -
Under The Thumb - Maidstone/Ashford Funk Band
 25th January 2008
As they celebrate the launch of their 10 track album 'Multicoloured Elephants'
Support from;
Watch This Space, The Flack & Hibiscus
The Downtown Diner, Park Street, Ashford, Kent. TN24 8LS
Doors 7.30pm
Live Bands 7.45pm - 10.30pm
Entry £5

Winners of Zebra @ Sounds Battle of The Bands
Sounds @ Zebra, 15/17 King Street, Maidstone, Kent. Me14 1ba
This Is A 18+ Venue. Doors Open @ 7.30pm. Live Bands 7.45 - 10.45. Cost £5 On The Door.

Hi Chris

The conclusion 15 weeks of hard work... The grand final held Wed 17th as far as I am concerned it was fantastic. All four bands put on an awesome show and one I will never forget, they did me proud. The turn out was fantastic...over 340 voting music fans joined us for the evening and the feeling in the venue was electric right up to the announcement of the results.

Dave Smith and Brian Marsh took some brilliant photographers to captured the night, they are now on the Sounds @ Zebra site

Here are the results;

1st - The Novels
2nd - He Who Dares
3rd - The Mondays
4th - Aliquot Flow

I have begun the advertising seeking 32 bands to compete in The Ultimate BOTB 2009, this wont start till June 09 and will again run till December.

Sounds @ Zebra returns on Wed 14th January, as we have an awesome line up for you 4 brilliant bands VENTURE SOUTH (launch their debut 6-track EP of original material, "Breath Of Fresh Air at the gig. With support  from KRISSY AND THE JACKDAWS, GROOMBRIDGE & AMBER ROOM, so why not spread the word....lets make Sounds @ Zebra in Maidstone your local live music venue!!
Cheers Sue

ZOO, 2007 Best Jazz Artist award winners, preview their new album at a regional launch gig at the
Yardbird Jazz Club in Birmingham map on Sun Dec 7th, 8pm...
and then follow it up with a gig at
Dexter's Jazz Club in Nottingham map on Tues 9th Dec, 8.30pm.
ZOO will be playing two sets at each gig.
The Yardbird & Dexter's shows will feature John Sanderson on saxes & flute and Ian Beestin on drums/percussion.
David Ives will be joining us at Dexter's on flute & EWI.

 zoo promo
The show will feature John Sanderson on saxes & flute and David Ives on flute 7 EWI.
They will be playing a lot of material from their new and 6th album 'END OF THE TELEGRAPH WIRES' (releasing Dec 08) on Red Admiral Records including 'Mutual' recently performed in session on BBC WM, plus tracks from current their album 'Greenhouse' including the single 'Dirty', recently previewed on BBC6. Check out the website for more details.

by Angela Cole

A BAND on the brink of stardom and another whose fame is still remembered 40 years on came together to compare notes on the music business.

The Zephyrs, a band with a massive following around Maidstone in the 1960s, and Billy Wears Dresses, who have just released their first single, were brought together as a result of an article in The Way We Were.

Ian Snowball, drummer with Billy Wears Dresses, was delighted to see his uncle, Zephyrs' lead guitarist Eric Snowball, in action in photographs featured in the Kent Messenger last month, playing in the Royal Star Hotel, Maidstone.

Eric and guitarist Norman Hoskins were reunited at ESE music shop, Upper Fant Road, Maidstone, which Eric runs, with the full line-up of Billy Wears Dresses: Ian, guitarist and lead singer Nick Spink, guitarist and vocalist Martin Loft and bass player Paul Moss.

Two other members of The Zephyrs were unable to be present - guitarist Allan Flood and drummer Maurice Reynolds.

Costumes were just one of the many talking points. The Zephyrs all wore smart, shiny green, and later blue, suits on stage, while Billy Wears Dresses wear a variety of clothes, the highlight being a fluffy blue top singer Nick got his sister to make for him when he was 16, in homage to his hero Captain Sensible, the founder of The Damned.

Names too, proved ice breakers. It was Eric who thought up the name The Zephyrs.

He said: "I just used to work on them and thought it was a good name. Then I found something with logos with Zs on and put them on our stuff."

Billy Wears Dresses' memorable logo of a man in fishnets, boots and with a can of lager, was dreamt up by Nick to show, not a man in drag, but a man who looks like he's wearing a dress for a dare.

Venues, however, prove more elusive for bands today, according to Paul. "There aren't the venues like there were and people don't go out as much."

But reaching an audience these days is easier, thanks to one invention not even dreamt of when The Zephyrs were playing to packed halls - the internet.

Nick said: "It is different these days. The music industry is getting used to a new way of working. If a young person gets a CD they say now "you've wasted your money". It's all about downloads."

The group have their own website, kept by Mark Lawrence and Chris Harvey, in charge of their PR, while The Zephyrs' main publicity machine was their very own yellow ambulance - an eyecatching band bus they travelled around in. But neither were in it for the money.

Eric said: "I have never been out of the music business since then. We had some good times. We didn't do it for the money. We played at every village hall there was," adding: "I got hit on the head with a bottle once, but I survived."

Norman said: "There used to be the odd skirmish. We weren't so much a recording band; we were a good live band. We were good with the crowd, that's how we built up a following."

Billy Wears Dresses' burgeoning following include the Billyettes, who try to get to most gigs, and the Billywatchers, but fans can also see them online. They have filmed a video, to support their single, Derek Don't Deliver, with help from media arts students at Canterbury University.

The band hope that they could follow in the footsteps of The Zephyrs and also be remembered in 40 years' time.

Nick said: "I think we aim to write songs that are remembered. If we play something that people enjoy, then that's great."

Band-mate Martin added: "If we're having a good time then other people do. If you're happy then that comes across in the music; it's infectious."

Nick said: "Paul said the other day that we're too old to write about how our girlfriends have dumped us and to complain about the music industry. We just like writing songs about things that have happened to us."

Ian, who bought his first drum kit from Eric with wages he got from delivering the KM Extra, added: "There's nothing better than doing something you enjoy."

Another member of the Snowball family, Ian's father Alan, was also connected to The Zephyrs, playing drums when drummer Maurice broke his arm.


Mirkwood - Collectors vinyl album c1973 now released on CD in UK and in Germany in September, Red Admiral Records has also released the album as downloads on Amazon and iTunes with more worldwide download downloads sites to follow..

Jack Castle guitarist and vocalist with Mirkwood through the years has also released his life album "The Line" on Red Admiral Records downloads available now.

A Diamond Experience
Kent Tour Announcement...

Kent-based entertainer Bob Drury presents 'A Diamond Experience' - a stunning tribute to the
legendary American singer songwriter Neil Diamond.
Bob Drury and his new band will present an all-live theatre show at a total of six theatre venues in Kent between 2nd October 2008 and 12th February 2009. The show will celebrate every stage of Neil Diamond's amazing 43 year international career and will include all the well known hits along with examples of his current 'acoustic' based work. Rock-on with Neil Diamond classics like 'Cracklin Rosie' and 'America', shed a tear to the emotional ballads 'Hello Again' and 'September Morn' or just sing along with the timeless anthems 'Sweet Caroline' and 'Song Sung Blue'. Songs written by Mr Diamond but made hits by other artists will also be performed including 'Red Red Wine' (UB40) and the dance floor-filler 'I'm A Believer' (The Monkees etc.). You will also hear Bob Drury's interpretations of new songs such as, 'No Words', 'Pretty Amazing Grace' and 'Evermore', from the recent Neil Diamond albums '12 Songs' and the number one album 'Home Before Dark'. Hythe based, Bob Drury has enjoyed much success in recent years on the professional scene not only as a classical guitarist but also as a vocalist/guitarist performing both nationally and internationally as a solo entertainer. The Neil Diamond connection was made a couple of years ago after Bob sang a newly added 'Sweet Caroline' at the end his final set at an East London venue. Much to Bob's surprise the crowd insisted on an immediate encore of the song: many pointing out the remarkable resemblance his voice had to Neil himself! Much detailed study of Neil Diamond's voice and endless hours of practice followed and 'A Diamond Experience' was created! For the Kent tour, Bob is joined by four of the finest professional musicians in the county... Yes, that’s right - not a backing track in sight in this show! Keyboards - Perry White (Herne Bay) Drums - Pete Sewell (Folkestone) Bass - Andy Wall (Hawkinge) Guitars - James Dean (Minster) Ticket prices have been kept to an 'recession-busting' minimum in the hope that each date will sell out and a ensure that 'full theatre' atmosphere for each of the six concerts! Surely a 'Diamond Experience' not to be missed! Full details inc sound samples at  
Bob Drury’s ‘A Diamond Experience’ - Tour Dates and Solo Gigs
Kent Tour 2008/9 with Live Band

February 12th Sinden Theatre, Tenterden
Bob Drury - Solo Performances: Neil Diamond tribute…
25th January Charity Ball, North London
7th February The Cherry Tree, Maidstone
21st February Tribute Night - Sturminster Football Club, Dorset
28th February Tribute Night - The Original Hotel, Edinburgh

For more info, interviews, PA’s etc contact…

Bob Drury
Tel: 01303 267509
Mobile: 07788 497921

BBC Kent Introducing
17th of October in Maidstone
We'll be at Mote Park Leisure Centre for an all ages gig hosted by YOG (Youth Of a Generation)
Four of our favourite Kent bands are playing:

Seven Story Down
Floors & Walls
Letters From London
Monday Street

Doors open at 7pm and it's £5 to get in and see some of the best Kent bands

For more information go to our website

BBC Kent Introducing… in 2008.

Astor Theatre Arts Centre
Stanhope Road, Deal, CT14 6AB
August 2008

We are pleased to hear that the former management of The Astor Theatre at Deal has gone and we hope that the theatre, clients and acts that use the venue in the future will be treated in a fair and resonable manner (yes, we also were ripped -off by the slimey Jon Johanson ) and although unusual for us we even blacklisted promotion of the place when our friends chanced their arm playing there. Good riddance to former exec scuttling and slithering around elsewhere. We hear he is still telling people of his sucess and it was everyone elses fault he failed.

An excuse on the former Astor website seen today, probably posted by the former failed management is that the Dover District Council did not continue to fund the theatre. That may or not be true but in either case there are many who look forward to using the theatre in the future. It has potential to a be really good venue with right and honest management.

Kent & E Susussex Gig Guide

Deal Mercury
A proposals has been made by James Tillitt, chief executive of Deal Arts Management. The organisation is a Community Interest Company, combining a charitable and profit-making approach to get the theatre back on an even keel.

An individual proposal to become theatre manager was also presented at a meeting by Harold Worth, who comes from a musical background and has been involved with the theatre in the past. His his past involvement would steer the theatre in the right direction after seeing where past charity trust chairman Jon Johanson went wrong, .

Community use of the premises is continuing.
Dover Distrit Council is supporting Deal Town Council in the process of appointing a new operator for this venue.

You can contact them at
Dover Distrit Council
Tel: 01304 821199

 The Counterfeit Beatles are looking for a John Lennon

 The Counterfeit Beatles ........

have established themselves as one of the UK'smost sort after international acts with two of the highest profile performances ever

undertaken by any Beatles tribute band.

*Headling the main stage at Japan's Fuji Rock Festival - with Coldplay, Elvis Costello, Steve Winwood, Primal Scream, Bjork - to an international crowd of 80,000.

*Also starred in the £300,000 stage production Beatlemania at the Theatre Vergina Thessaloniki, mainland Greece, for Walt Disney's award-winning directors Derick     

Lasalla and Stavros Sideras - with full national television and radio coverage.

For enquiries Call Kay on 07732 926160 or email

The Supreme Battle Of The Bands 2008 (Sponsored by Holland Road Studio)

Held at Sounds @ Zebra, 15/17 King Street, Maidstone, Kent

We started with 32 bands on Wed 18th June and had 8 weeks 1st rounds. Each band plays a 30 minute set of their own compositions no covers allowed. The 2 winning band from each of the heats play again in one of the 4 quarter finals.

Everyone attending the battle excluding the bands are given a voting slip to complete at the end of the evening saying which three bands in their opinion played the best. The band that is voted 1st gets 10 points, 2nd 7 points & 3rd 5 points, make it fairer and gives everyone a good chance of winning.

Prizes for all 4 bands who play in the FINAL - 1st Prize is £400 + a day recording in Holland Road Studio. 2nd Prize is £300. 3rd Prize is £200 & 4th Prize is £100.

We have already held two of the quarter finals. The following bands are already through to the semi finals on 5th November we have The Mondays, Timothy Edwards& 12th November we have The Novels & He Who Dares.

Our last 2 quarter final dates are;

Wed 3rd September - Depressed Jester, DirectionS & Wait For Tomorrow & Fear For Romeo
Wed 10th September - Under The Thumb, Boxing Octopus, Anger Management & Aliquot Flow

Why not come and join us to see who wins doors at 7.30pm.

Battle commences at 8pm - 10.30pm - 18+ £4 Entry

Kazaa User fined $40,850 Infringement Tab

Illegal file-trading carries its pitfalls, including the risk of a lawsuit.  Those catching a case can usually walk away for a few thousand dollars, if a quick settlement route is taken.  But fighting back opens tremendous risk, and a full-fledged legal battle has now resulted in defeat and a bill for $40,850 fordefendant Jeffrey Howell .  The fine, issued by US District Judge Neil V. Wake last week, was based on the deliberate destruction of evidence related to a Kazaa account.

Howell boldly challenged the RIAA on the grounds that he had unintentionally distributed files from a shared folder.  That raised sticky questions of whether the RIAA can sue someone for merely making content available online, instead of actually downloading it.  But Howell, self-represented and obviously inexperienced, wiped critical evidence related to that defense and essentially destroyed any chance of prevailing.  "Howell's brazen destruction of evidence has wholly undermined the integrity of these judicial proceedings," Wake opined.

That shifts the attention towards Jammie Thomas, an earlier defendant that faced a file-swapping fine of more than $222,000.  The judge in that case has now ordered a rehearing, based on potential pitfalls in the 'making available' prosecution logic.


In memory of popular local musician Ollie Nicholls 1966-2008

You are invited to attend the Ollie Nicholls album launch at ‘Salomons’ spectacular Science theatre near Southborough in Tunbridge Wells On December 9th from 7.30pm.
 All present will receive a copy of Ollie’s debut solo album entitled;

Important Ongoing Miscellaneous’.  This will be a ticket only event priced at £10 each.
All proceeds from the event will go to Ollie’s three charities that he supported over the years;
Amnesty International,  IFAW charitable trust and  Mouth & Foot Painting artists. Please call the box office

To buy your ticket 01892 740752 or alternatively drop me an email with any enquiries. There will be some Live music from Ian Knapp and other local groups on the night.   Please come folks, this will be a wonderful way to celebrate Ollie’s life and music and I can tell you that I have had a listen to some of the album in advance andIt is fantastic!
Please click the link below for the full address of the venue.  

My latest album; ‘Train Of Thought’ is available for purchase at HMV, Tunbridge Wells

and online at and downloads are available at Itunes

 Thanks for listening
Local & Live


The UK's £1 Amy Winehouse tribute is coming to Broadstairs, 2nd Oct 2008

8Tania Alboni is the UK's £1 tribute act for 1 of the biggest female selling artists in the UK

Tania will be performing live with support from the UK's finest tribute to the Michael Buble, A live performance from Jaeger and also a live DJ from the Frisky lineup.

Thursday 2nd October 2008
8pm till 12am

The Pavilion
33 Harbour Street
CT10 1EU

Tickets are priced £10 in advance / More on the door
From The Times
November 30, 2007 :
"It's not just the songs," says Tania Alboni, a professional Amy Winehouse impersonator. "I do all the head flicks and the skirt ruffling - all the mannerisms."
Until a few weeks ago, Winehouse had formed only part of Alboni's set - she can also turn her hand to Cher, Shania Twain, and, impressively, all of Abba. But since the release of Valerie, Winehouse bookings have gone through the roof. Currently, Alboni charges an average of £800 for an "Amy", but it's a fee that varies according to the size of the venue. It's a development that thrills Alboni. "I wasn't a huge fan of the other people I impersonated, but I played Amy's album Back to Black constantly, ever since I got it for Christmas last year."
The 30-year-old singer has dyed her hair black and bought a hairpiece, but says that she doesn't think her voice is as "amazing" as that of her nominal doppelgänger. However, fans who have turned up to Winehouse shows only to find them cancelled will be reassured to learn that her imitator prides herself on her punctuality. "I'm a one-woman antidrug squad," she adds helpfully.
At her recent Birmingham NIA show, the real Winehouse responded to hecklers by suggesting that her husband - currently awaiting trial for GBH - might have something to say about all this when he "gets out". Alboni is married too - to a Simply Red tribute act. So does she adopt a similar line when confronted with demanding punters? No - and, in terms of forging a reputation for herself as "the Amy you can rely on", it's probably for the best.
On New Year's Eve she's playing "a restauranty pub in Leeds called the Black Horse". Tomorrow she's at Room 66 in Glasgow. "I'm expanding the set all the time," enthuses Alboni. "Especially now that you can get a whole karaoke CD of Amy Winehouse songs."

Red Arrows Stars and Musicians show support for charity event at Kent Show Ground

The Red Arrows have confirmed they will be flying overhead during the summer’s hottest music event at the Kent Showground on Sunday 21 September. They are just one of the many attractions at the charity event of the year.  The event has been set up to raise money for and awareness of the plight injured servicemen and women face on their return from active service.

Dame Kelly Holmes will be making a special guest appearance at the event; other celebrities joining her include TV presenter Cheryl Baker and Maidstone-born actor Shaun Williamson. Girls Aloud and Peter Kay, who are keen to show their support for the charity, will be making a video link appearance during the show.

With only days to go, McFly are looking forward to performing, “Anything like that we are totally up for – we never let anything like that down. What the soldiers are doing over there is absolutely amazing’” says bassist Dougie Poynter. Nik Kershaw, another leading performer, is equally keen to take part in the event. He recently said, “It’s not about politics, it’s about people; they (the armed forces) are over there fighting on my behalf, it’s the least I can do.” 

Jeff Silbar, co-writer of the ballad ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’, will be making a special appearance to give a moving performance of the song with soul diva Jocelyn Brown. The ballad holds particular importance with Help for Heroes as its chorus “Did you ever know that you’re my hero” has become an anthem for the charity.

Other bands entertaining the crowds at this fantastic event are Counterfeit Stones, Ultimate Earth Wind & Fire, Legend (Bob Marley tribute) and more. Get in the swing of things with a swing band and an R & B band, plus a military band to stir the soul. 

full music programme is as follows:  
Mind 'N'; Soul
13:00-13:30 (9 piece R&B band); Diamond Girlz 13:45-14:00 (3 piece vocal group); Queen’s Division Big Band Feat. Sarah Ellen Hughes 14:15-14:45 (18 piece swing band); Legend 15:00-15:45 (Bob Marley tribute band); Minden Band of The Queen’s Division(Proms) 16:00-16:30 (30 piece wind ensemble); Wind Beneath My Wings 16:35-17:05 Jeff Silbar & Jocelyn Brown; City Girls 17:20-17:40 (4 piece vocal group); Nik Kershaw 17:55-18:25 (5 piece band); Ultimate Earth Wind & Fire 18:40-19:25 (11 piece tribute band); Counterfeit Stones 19:40-20:25 (4 piece tribute band); McFly 20:40-22:00

As well as great music for all ages there is a host of attractions all included in the great value price. With traditional rides for those with younger children, there is also a funfair sporting over 20 free rides including the ‘ultimate experience reverse bungee power shot’ for adrenaline junkies.

All three Armed Services will be at the event and are bringing a challenging inflatable army assault course, aircraft simulators including the legendary Harrier jump jet and a BB range. The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment Parachute Team will be opening the show with a spectacular entrance.

A Day for Heroes is open to everyone from families to groups of friends who want to come along and enjoy a full programme of music, fun and excitement. All the music, the free funfair rides and the military attractions are included in the great value ticket price of just £25 per adult in advance – cheaper than most concert tickets!   The more tickets that are sold the more the event will raise for the Help for Heroes charity.

Why not end this summer on a high? Visit to see full listings and buy advance tickets. Tickets cost just £25 per adult, £14 per child (6-12 years) and £5 for under-5s when purchased in advance. A family ticket (2+2) – available by advance booking only costs £70. Ticket prices at the gate will be £30 per adult, £18 per child aged 6-12 and £5 for under-5s. There will be food stalls and a picnic area in the grounds. Tickets can be purchased online at or direct from Ticketmaster ( (booking fee of £2.25 per ticket) or in person at the Maidstone Visitor Information Centre in the Town Hall in the High Street, Maidstone.

he event is the brainchild of Ashford-based professional roadshow organisers Your Voice who intend to make this the first of five such events a year.

Shameful Behaviour (Kent's most outrageous band) are pleased to announce the following:
They have a new bass player, Rex Thunderbolt. Rex has been in the music industry forever and brings the missing ingredient to the band that they have been searching for. He has already played a gig in Essex with the band and has his first Kent gig this coming Saturday 6th September. It is a charity gig at the King William the IV, (Hastings Road, Pembury) Triumpherate bike show in aid of Help For Heroes, supporting our wounded servicemen/woman. There are events from 2pm to midnight. Shameful Behaviour are onstage around 8:30 onwards. This promises to be a superb event!
For more information go to there are details and links etc on the gigs pages and links pages.

Unique event at Fort Amherst in Chatham

The gig is on the 6th September and has 6 of the best bands in Kent playing in an underground Fort.
It's the first event of its kind to be held at Fort Amherst so it should be an excellent night.

Aa flyer with all the details on and the bands and ticket details on the website

With a description of each of the bands and the venue.

Landmark Centre Deal 6th Sept 2008

Touch the Earth perform their new album - 'The Sacred Wheel'
Tickets £7 in advance and £9 on the door

Touch the Earth make music to touch the soul and free the spirit.
Beautiful ballads to wild dance with Native American flutes, didgeridoo, drums, fiddle and guitar.
Amazing sounds all weaving into the web of life.

To book your tickets simply contact:
Email: - 07845438340 - Or Pete Maxey on 01953 887 940
One year in the making it is called 'The Sacred Wheel' and is a musical journey through the seasons. To get a taster of what to expect musically go to to hear samples from the album.

Touch the earth ( formed 3 years ago and are based in Kent. They have played festivals in the UK and Europe, a recent concert was filmed for broadcast on the web based 'Holistic Channel' :

Lynn Gosney - Lead vocals, Native American Flute, Drums
Lee Hunt - Guitar, Vocals, Native American flute, Didge, Drums
Pete Maxey - Fiddle, Vocals, Drums
Gillian Hunt - Drums & more Drums
All band members play various instruments from the acoustic guitars, the fiddle and vocals, blended with the didgeridoo, Native American flutes and drums to bring music that touches the heart and frees the spirit.

Tenterden Folk Festival 2008 - Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th October

Arrangements for Tenterden Folk Festival 2008 are coming on a pace.
23rd April 2008

After the success of last year’s souvenir programme we are already accepting bookings for advertising in this year’s even bigger programme. 5,000 copies of the A5 programme will be distributed free in early September. Any business or organisation which would like to advertise in the programme should email Kathy Drage at or telephone 01843 835694 as soon as possible. The cost of adverts ranges from £50 to £140 and 10% discount is currently available to business and organisations based in Tenterden. Details can be found on the Festival website at£top

Tenterden Folk Festival is a registered charity (number 1038663) formed in May 1994 to preserve and advance public education and appreciation of traditional and contemporary folk music, song, dance and other related traditions, crafts and folk arts as a part of the living heritage. Although it remains independent, the Trust is supported and partly funded by Tenterden Town Council, Ashford Borough Council and Kent County Council and sponsored by Kent East Sussex Railway, Hobgoblin Music, Talking Elephant Records, Courtfield Audio, Tenterden Leisure Centre, Waitrose, Gail Juliet Accessories, Around Kent Folk and also supported by an increasing number of other businesses and organisations who benefit from the increasing economic activity generated by the Festival. If any business or organisations are interested in joining the list of festival sponsors they should contact the Festival Director at All sponsorship will be recognised in the souvenir programme and on the website.

The popular craft fair, street stalls and music fayre will again be prominent features of the festival. The Assembly Rooms of the Town Hall will again bustle with a variety of traditional and contemporary hand made crafts while specialist music stalls selling folk CD, musical instruments, books, etc. will be housed in the Woolpack barn. To book a craft stall contact Gail Wright at or call 01795 471827. To book a place in the music fayre contact Kathy Drage at or telephone 01843 835694.

As the Festival grows and develops we also need to recruit more helpers for the weekend. You do not need to be brilliant musicians, singers, actors or artist as there are a lot of other jobs that need doing behind the scenes. You just need to be interested and willing to help in some way. For example we are always looking for help with publicity and distributing programmes and posters, stewarding, moving and setting up equipment, and much more. You can also contact us at if you would like to volunteer to act as a Festival steward.

More details of Tenterden Folk Festival 2008 guests, accommodation and camping are now being posted on our website at

To receive our regular email updates send an email to with "add to festival news list" in the subject box.

Alan Castle – Festival Director
Trustee and festival director
Tenterden Folk Festival
Tenterden Folk Day Trust (Registered charity No. 1038663)

Promoting folk song, music and dance

Folk Spots

Lest We Forget
The Butt Of Sherry
in Hythe High Street on Thursday July 3rd 2008 at 8pm

Last year musicians from bands that were active from 1958 onwards in the South East of Kent had a reunion with aim of sharing their past exploits and remembering colleagues that have passed-on and raising some money for a good cause. An Auction of memorabilia took place to commemorate old friends. The proceeds were put towards constructing a seat to be placed at Folkestone Harbour but the land has changed hands so a change of venue has been neccessary.

The seat with some brass plaques remembering some friends including Keith Harwood, Bob (Scott) Coltart (Maroondogs), Martin Jones (Sundowners) and Noel Redding (The Lonely Ones - Jimi Hendrix Experience) will be placed in the yard at the The Butt Of Sherry in Hythe High Street on Thursday July 3rd at 8pm.
Thanks must go to Bob and Rosie Leech who have managed the commissioning of the seat on such a low budget possible.

The night coincides with 'Jack Pounds Open Stage' where some old stalwarts will perform, some for the first time in many years.

Donations and suggestions for future projects welcome - See Bob Leech or Rosie on the night.

The Indigo Road - CD CoverThe Indigo Road featuring Heidi Jo Hines have released their first single Simple. The single was made BBC Radio Kent's Single of the Week. You can find out more about this stunning new band at

Simple is a beautiful acoustic track with an outstanding sound’ Floatation Suite

A striking single from the daughter of Denny Laine, peppered with stunning melodies, sky high and superbly crafted into something warm and absorbing.’ Subba Cultcha

Heidi Jo HinesAt five Heidi had her first taste of showbuisness when she appeared in the west end Musical 'Umbrellas of Cherbourg'. at 11. Her first proper gig was at the 1996 Woodstock festival where she sang with David Peel of the Lower Eastside (who played with John Lennon)This was a great experience and gave her a taste of what was her true passion, Singing live.

The band is completing new material at the moment with a view to releasing more singles over the summer ahead of a debut album planned for early in 2009.  Band founder and chief writer Mark Herbert has developed a plan for The Indigo Road which will see the band release double A side throughout the rest of 2008.

In 2002 Heidi answered an add in the Stage newspaper looking for singers and was picked to be in the all girl Rock/Electro band Nebula 101 .Their songs had airplay in the states and their Promo video featured on T4, but although successful , Heidi left as her heart was in rock n roll. Heidi wrote and recorded her first demo and gigged the London circuit for 2 years until she put together her own band called The HJH Band' their first gig was at the 'Gathering' at Royal Ascot. As well as having her band Heidi is also doing different projects with other artists, she has just recorded a song with Hugh McDowell (from ELO) 'the song was written by Dave Winstanley of the Classic Rock Society and will feature on an EP of Dave's songs which is being produced to raise funds for the Society.'

"What I love about marks songs is that they open up another part of me that's been hidden til now they're expressive and quirky and they allow Mark Herbert - The Indigo Roadme to explore my voice to other dimensions" explains Heidi

Mark Herbert picked up a guitar again in earnest a little over a year ago after a number of years working in the very different fields of international business and politics, environmental fund raising and education.  Since then he has been writing, recording and rehearsing with various musicians before stepping out on The Indigo Road.  His path in life has seen him achieve a business degree, an English degree and the teaching of English at the rough and elite end of the spectrum. Mixing band influences from Smashing Pumpkins to The Who on a band level and from Bowie to Costello on a songwriter level see the band deliver a diverse blend as seen in the current double A side.  / / video / downloads


Mixed by AudioJunkie & Stylus
Release format: Digital downloads from internet stores worldwide (Physical release to be confirmed)

AudioJunkie & DJ Stylus:
•(nominees for the "Breakthrough DJ" category for the Slamming Vinyl Hardcore Heaven Awards 2008)

•Appeared at the Hardcore Till I Die (HTID) event in Spain.

•Interviewed for fusion TV at the True hardcore 2 launch party.

•On a weekly radio show for Krafty radio, Wednesdays 10-11.

•Recently remixed the Flyin' & Sparky tracks "Free at Last and Rave Phenomenon" both featuring MC WhizzKid.

•Upcoming gigs: Uproar, Stratagize, Rave in a cave and Monthly Mahem.


Pure Hardcore: Mixed by AudioJunkie & Stylus
Disc 1
01. Body Rock - AudioJunkie & Stylus feat: JD
02. Listen To My Heart - AudioJunkie & Stylus feat: Scarlet
03. Shake Ya Body - Stylus feat: Olivia
04. Teknique - AudioJunkie & Stylus
05. Perfection - DJ Chaos feat Scarlet
06. The Awakening - AudioJunkie & Stylus
07. Rock The Place - AudioJunkie & Stylus
08. Drop Zone - AudioJunkie & Stylus
09. Uncontrollable - DJ Chaos
10. The Slammer - Jel & Fastraxx (Sy & Unknown remix)
11. Infectious - AudioJunkie & Stylus feat: Rachael
12. Close Your Eyes - AudioJunkie feat Scarlet
13. Shock Wave - AudioJunkie & Stylus
14. Don't Stop Now - AudioJunkie & Stylus
15. Mindwarp - AudioJunkie & Stylus
16. Feel Like Rushin' - AudioJunkie & Stylus feat Rachael
17. Attack The Track - AudioJunkie & Stylus
18. Dirt Style - AudioJunkie & Stylus
19. I'll Be There For You - DJ Chaos feat: Malaya
20. UK Ravers - AudioJunkie & Stylus

Pure Hardcore: Mixed by AudioJunkie & Stylus
Disc 2
01. Disfunktion - AudioJunkie & Stylus
02. Move Closer - AudioJunkie & Stylus feat: Rachael
03. Raverlution - AudioJunkie & Stylus
04. In This Happiness - AudioJunkie & Stylus feat: Rachael
05. Jigsaw - AudioJunkie & Stylus
06. Solace - AudioJunkie & Stylus
07. Temptation - AudioJunkie & Stylus
08. Cuttin', Scratchin', Mixin' - DJ Chaos
09. Shake It - AudioJunkie & Stylus
10. A Little Piece of Heaven - DJ Chaos feat: Malaya
11. From A Star feat: Rachael
12. Pure - AudioJunkie & Stylus
13. Shine Down - AudioJunkie & Stylus
14. Bass Invaders - AudioJunkie & Stylus
15. Don't Stop Now - AudioJunkie & Stylus (Flyin' & Sparky remix)
16. This Is A Rave - AudioJunkie & Stylus
17. Here It Is - DJ Chaos
18. Move Forward - AudioJunkie & Stylus

On sale now - download from

Listen to AudioJunkie & DJ Stylus - Mix:

AudioJunkie on myspace:

DJ Stylus on myspace:

Digimix Records have been working with and developing AudioJunkie and DJ Stylus for the last 18 months and are published by Scamp Music (part of the Panama Music group of Companies) whose stable of writers include: Gammer, Lisa Marie, DJ Chaos, Jel & Fastraxx, DJ Ruxpin, GrooveWizard, Scarlet, Malaya.

Digimix Records Limited . Sovereign House, 12 Trewartha Road, Praa Sands, Penzance. Cornwall TR20 9ST England. UK
Telephone: +44 (0)1736 762826 - Fax +44 (0)1736 762826 - Email:

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Telephone: +44 (0)1303 893472 - Fax: +44 (0)1303 893833 - Email:

About Zig Zag Gig

23 Aug 2008 20:00 The Ampi-Theatre, The Leas Folkestone, London and South East
The Zig Zag Gig is a FREE one-day mini festival packed full of music, art and drama held every summer in the Folkestone Amphitheatre on the beautiful Leas coastline.

For this years event, we have been scouting the local cafes and bars to bring you 11 of Folkestone's finest singer songwriters to perform live on Auguest 23rd from 1 - 5pm.
However to mark the "Triennial", this year we've also introduced a CD of the featured artiists playing their original materia l!
This collection of acoustic based songs ranging from multitrack recordings to 'live in the studio' takes, is available to purchase at local shops and events.

You can purchase the CD from the 9th July at:

The Whole World Cafe (buy it anytime from the counter, or from the pre-show gig, 9th August)
The CD Launch Party, 9th July, Keppels Bar, The Grand Hotel
The Music Room, (Guildhall St)

Or of course at the ZigZag Gig itself, 23rd August

Live CD and Open-Air Gig

23 Aug 2008 20:00 The Ampi-Theatre, The Leas Folkestone, London and South East

Rock and Roller Bo Diddley Passes

Rock and roll pioneer Bo Diddley passed away on Monday 2nd June at the age of 79. Diddley had been suffering from major heart complications, and recently survived both a stroke and heart attack. At his home in Archer, Florida, Diddley ultimately died from heart failure.

Diddley stamped his signature across a number of rhythms and sounds that helped to define rock and roll. After debuting in the 50s, an incalculable number of artists adapted the Diddley style, including the Rolling Stones, Elvis, Bruce Springsteen, and the Yardbirds.

That is part of a racially-tilted rock and roll evolution, one that often positioned black pioneers in the background. But Diddley is widely regarded as a founding father of rock, and his innumerable accolades include inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Grammy Hall of Fame.

Market Operators Hit With £300,000 Bill BPI And Fact Welcome Landmark Financial Penalty

The UK's record and audio-visual industries this week welcomed a landmark court decision handed to Wendy Fair Markets Ltd for allowing traders to sell counterfeit goods at its open air market in Bovingdon. The Company also operate many other market including Sevenoaks and Swanley. The company was landed with a £300,000 bill to be paid within the next six months. reported that:

Wendy Fair Markets Ltd, and directors Nicholas Hobday and Sally Ward, were found guilty of benefiting financially from the sale of counterfeit goods at Bovingdon Market in a landmark money laundering conviction secured by Hertfordshire Trading Standards last July. The BPI and FACT, working with Hertfordshire Trading Standards and Hertfordshire Constabulary, were instrumental in providing evidence of persistent offences relating to the sale of counterfeit CDs and DVDs at Bovingdon Market.

At St Albans Crown Court on Monday (March 10), it was determined that the company has to pay back £250,000 it took in rent money from traders selling counterfeit goods, with prosecution court costs of £50,000 added. The overall amount has to be paid by September 10, at which time the company, Ward and Hobday will be sentenced.

David Wood, Director of Anti-Piracy at the BPI said, "Until now, we have only seen prosecutions against the sellers themselves. This is the first time a market owner has been prosecuted and stripped of income made through the sale of counterfeit CDs and DVDs on their premises. So it is a hugely important ruling for music and the wider creative industries.

"Whilst illegal downloading remains the biggest threat to the future of the music community, CD piracy still deprives us in excess of £160 million annually. This precedent-setting result will dramatically enhance the authorities' effectiveness in tackling commercial counterfeiting. Furthermore, the £300,000 that Wendy Fairs will now have to pay to the Court should send a clear message to market owners nationwide that they cannot expect to duck responsibility for this illegal activity whilst generating income."

Kieron Sharp, FACT Director General, said, "Following the convictions for money laundering last July, it was important that the punishment included a financial aspect to reflect the scale of criminality taking place on a weekly basis over a number of years.

"I would like to thank Hertfordshire County Council for their diligence and persistence in pursuing this case.

"This case should serve as strong warning to all market operators that can be held accountable for illegal activity taking place on their sites."

County Councillor Richard Smith, Executive Member for Community Safety, said; "This is the first time a market operator has been convicted of accepting - in the form of pitch rents - money it knew, or suspected, had been earned through criminal means.

"It was an extremely important prosecution which needed to be matched by a suitable punishment so we can make it clear to all market owners that they can no longer turn a blind eye to criminality at their sites.

"The company was given repeated warnings by trading standards officers that counterfeit goods were being sold at Bovingdon Market. It chose to ignore these warnings and now must face the consequences of its actions.

"We now have a powerful tool where money earned through criminal means can be confiscated, making sure that crime does not pay. I am pleased that the financial penalty reflects the severity of the offences."

Trading standards officers, working with Hertfordshire Constabulary, the BPI (formerly the British Phonographic Industry) and FACT (the Federation Against Copyright Theft), carried out an extensive investigation to bring the prosecution against Hobday and Ward.


The UK's premier tribute act, Led By Zeppelin, are looking for a new vocalist.

The band prides itself in it's authenticity, both in its visual appearance/performance and also musically, and we need someone who will fit the bill as follows:

You must have a great voice, but also be prepared to work at the set list......we perform various different live versions - you'll need knowledge of different Zeppelin arrangements, both live and in the studio etc.

You must be willing to attend all rehearsals - The band is based in Kent, and rehearses in Ashford.

If, like the rest of us, you are not a look-a-like, then you must be prepared to 'look the part' (We are a dress up tribute act, and a wig if needed will be required).

Overall, enthusiasm is a must - you must be a genuine fan of Led Zeppelin, and of course, Robert Plant - knowledge of your 'subject' inc live versions is important...

The band recently performed a live radio session for Kerrang! radio, and some european shows in 2009 is a possibility - (We all, however, also have jobs, so we are not a '3 shows a week' band.)

No timewasters please....auditions will be held in Ashford, Kent over the coming weeks.

For more information, please email in the first instance to:

Please also visit-

for more information on the band.

Paul - Led By Zeppelin - Ashford

Robert Jarvis shortlisted for the PRS 'New Music Award'

Robert Jarvis has been shortlisted for the 'New Music Award' for his proposed new sound installation for the London Wetland Centre. Entitled ECHOLOCATION, the piece will take the form of a responsive composition for a 'choir' of bat detectors that will pick up the ultrasonic calls of the bats that visit the reserve of an evening and transform them into a multichannel musical experience for visitors the following day. More details about the composition and the award itself can be found at: .

The award seeks to recognise those who are pushing the boundaries of new music, and will eventually present its winner with £50,000 towards the creation and performance of a creatively adventurous new composition. The winner will be announced in April and the first performance of the new work will be in the summer of 2009. More details about the award itself, together with the other shortlisted candidates, can be found on the PRSF website at:


Thursdays & Fridays from March 7th

BBC Radio Kent’s new music show BBC Kent Introducing showcases the county’s up and coming bands and musicians. Currently an online show, from March 2nd it will be on BBC Radio Kent on Sunday nights between 8 and 9pm. It is presented by Radio 1 producer Jim Bursey and fellow Kent boy Tom Kirkby and this spring they are going on tour to bring you the best new music from across the region.

BBC Kent Introducing will be recording each of the tour’s weekly gigs which take place in Chatham, Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone and Canterbury in March, April and May. And you’ll then be able to catch the highlights from the bands taking part on the show the following week.

Huw said: "What BBC Kent is doing is absolutely fantastic and builds on all the BBC Introducing shows' support for the very best new and emerging music in their scene. The content on the radio and the tour takes more new music to new audiences; there will be some very special gigs in Kent in March!"

BBC Kent Introducing is part of BBC Introducing which was launched at last year’s Glastonbury Festival. BBC Introducing is all about bringing listeners the best brand new music from across the UK and giving new artists some great opportunities to be seen and heard and introduce them to a wider audience. And Jim and the BBC Kent Introducing Team want local bands to be part of it.

Jim added: “Kent bands have already had success thanks to BBC Introducing. Chatham’s Brigadier Ambrose had a Maida Vale session and were up for Radcliffe and Maconie’s record of the week on Radio 2. And It Hugs Back from Maidstone, who are on the first leg of the tour, have also been to Maida Vale and featured at last year’s Bestival. So it does work. Kent has what it takes and this year is the biggest opportunity that we’ve had to get that message out there.”

More information on how you can get involved can be found at

What you need to do:

1) Please sign up to the newsletter which will will be used this as a mailing list from now on to send out information and requests to bands and new music fans. If you are not signed up to this you WILL miss out on BBC Introducing... opportunities - which in 2008 will include the chance to play on the BBC Introducing... stage at Glastonbury, perform at the BBC Electric Proms and get a session at the legendary Maida Vale studios. It's easy to subscribe and unsubscribe.

2) Listen to BBC Kent Introducing… which is online every Wednesday and is new and improved in 2008. You'll be able to hear the best acts Kent has to offer, find out where they're playing, get advice on what it takes to step up to national level and get feedback on your music. One of the best ways to find out how to be a success is to listen to how other bands have achieved theirs. Make sure all your fans listen and support other local music as well - the more people that listen the greater the audience for your music.

3) Make sure you are a friend on the MySpace site - this is the quickest and easiest way for Kent venues and music fans to find and hear music from local bands.

4) Update the records - please fill in the following information as briefly as possible and return it to

Band name:
Band members: e.g. Andy Smith (19) (Vocals/Guitar), Ben Jones (18) (Bass Guitar), Dan Stevens (20) (Drums)
Where from in Kent:
Myspace link:
Website link:
Contact email address (not for publication):
Contact phone number (not for publication):

If you have any ideas of how we could help bands in Kent or would like to get involved with helping out BBC Kent Introducing… in any capacity then drop an email to

The Oasthouse Social Club - Rainham Kent

The Oasthouse at Rainham is a popular venue for Indie and Unsigned band with a flexible and proper approach to enable the local music fans.
Over the years Vic of DefZone has constantly introduced new and young bands from around the UK. For some the Oasthouse has been their first gig.
The Oasthouse has recently started promoting two gigs a month - one traditional set up and an acoustic night.

no under 16's - No ID no Alcohol doors 7.30pm £3.00

The website is at and myspace which is

Contact via

Venue Details
Oasthouse (Rainham and Wigmore Community Association), Grananry Close, Rainham, Kent - Next to Rainham Station

2nd Saturday of the month - rock night - live bands
4th Saturday of the month - acoustic night in the bar

Doors 7:30pm - finish 11pm
£3 entrance
Over 16 / ID for alcohol
Cheap bar

New Players needed for Traditional Music sessions
There are many traditional sessions, open stages and sing-arounds in Kent these days, with the traditional sessions covering styles from English to Celtic to French/Breton/Eastern European to Renaissance ....
However while some of the young people's open stages are doing well, there is a worry that there are a lack of new people, particularly young people, particularly fiddlers, at the traditional sessions.
Please see the following plea for new players :
......| A plea for new players at traditional sessions - particularly younger players.txt
If you are interested in coming along, but would like to practice some tunes first, here is a pointer to finding out what tunes are played at the different sessions:
......| What tunes do they play at the different sessions.txt
Beau Webber

Romney Marsh FM
Romney Marsh FM has been granted a 28 day restricted Service Licence from OFCOM. RMFM will be broadcasting on 87.8FM from their studios based at the Allied Broadcasting Company Ltd offices, situated at the RM Business Estate, Cockreed Lane New Romney.

The four week licence starts on 22nd of July 2008, and is the first stage of their planned full time Community Radio Licence for the Romney Marsh.

The station will cover a wide range of music, but the main output from 6.00 am until 7.00 pm will be "Middle of the Road" with Classic Gold hits from the 60's - current chart music supported 7pm to 10pm specialist music and talk shows including Big Band, Rock, Reggae, Country and the Local Band Show.

Known Presenters and DJ's
David Wimble - David Shax - Steven French - Mikie T - Chris Ashman - Stan Donnely - Shuan Child - Jack Williams

The Local Band Show
The Local Band Show will be hosted by Chris Ashman of Thursdays from 8 till 10pm.
Bands and Artists from Kent & E Sussex should submit their CD demos with a view to airplay and a chance to appear on the show.
Local Band Show, The Cedars, Elvington Lane, Hawkinge, Kent. CT18 7AD. No explicit material will accepted for airplay.

Presenters wanted
Aspiring presenters, researchers or news and backroom bods are wanted for Romney Marsh FM, all training will be given.
Please contact David Wimble on 01797 362 000.
Allied Broadcasting Company Ltd, RM Business Estate, Cockreed Lane, New Romney Kent.

Sponsors and Advertising
There are still shows that require sponsors.
Please contact David Wimble on 01797 362 000.
Allied Broadcasting Company Ltd, RM Business Estate, Cockreed Lane, New Romney Kent.


Vanity Fare The Kent band are on a big tour in the Spring .....
OH BOY.. NON STOP 60's with PJ Proby, Chris Farlowe, Mike Pinder & Brian Poole.

Two dates in Kent Are,

May: Sun 11th Winter Gardens, Margate 01843 292795
June: Fri 27th Central Theatre, Chatham 01634 338338

Vanity Fare earned a unique place in late 60's and early 70's music history. They achieved great popularity on the British and European Pop scene, when their updated version of an old Sunrays number "I Live For The Sun" hit the charts.
Next singles "Early in the Morning" and "Hitchin' a Ride" achieving gold disc status, the group became established worldwide, particularly in the USA, where both songs were top ten hits and stayed in the charts for a total of twenty three weeks.

The bands current stage show reflects much of their thirty-four year history and features their own hits plus songs that have influenced them along the way.



A reminder that The BLUES BAND, featuring of course the all-star line-up of PAUL JONES, Dave Kelly, Tom McGuinness, Gary Fletcher and Rob Townsend will be celebrating American Independence Day at Haslemere Hall on Friday 4th July, They always deliver a brilliant, and very entertaining show, that sometimes includes special guests (last time at HH was Maggie Bell). . Tickets are still available from Haslemere Hall box office on 01428-642161, or online at . This gig will be for a standing audience in the hall, with seats available in the balcony.
Haslemere Hall is a very nice venue, with good facilities, with a large car park nearby. It's licensed capacity has just been increased, and I'll be using it in lieu of the now defunct Chiddingfold Club (The Counterfeit Stones will be appearing there on Friday 26th September).
Apart from this special gig with The Blues Band, `Eclectic Live Music' gigs will be having a summer break until September (see below). However, for those suffering withdrawall symptoms, there will still be some good music around!

A new, small music club `Crossroads' at Platform 9, 16, Park St, Guildford, GU1 4XB, has recently opened. Ex -HOAX guitarist Jon Amor appears there on Friday 13th June, and the excellent Eve Selis Band appear ther on Friday 18th July. Details on 01483-827314, tickets from

Apart, of course from Guildfest, there are three local music festivals that I recommend.

BLUES ON THE FARM 19 - 22 June, Pumpbottom Farm, Appledram, Chichester PO20 7EH
My favourite UK music festival! Great music, excellent range of beer and cider, good food, nice, friendly atmosphere, well organised, and staged in a very pleasant farm setting. Details at or phone 01243-773828

RUDGEWICK MUSIC FESTIVAL Saturday 16 August, Springbok Estate, Alfold, Surrey
Features a host of local bands and musicians, in a very pleasant, laid-back, country setting. Admission only £10, with proceeds going to charity. Details at .

WEYFEST 6 - 7 September, The Rural Life Centre, Reeds Road, Tilford, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 2DL
Another brilliant festival, that just gets better every year, in a truly delightful setting. Bands feature DAVE EDMUNDS & Rockpile (how did they manage to get him!!!), STEVE HARLEY & COCKNEY REBEL, and a host of other excellent bands including The Pirates, The Hamsters, Angela Brown, Jackie Lynton, Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band, etc, etc. In my view a much better line-up than Guildfest, and in a much nicer enviroment!! Very highly recommended! Full information at

ECLECTIC LIVE MUSIC Autumn programme

Sat 20 Sept. LIANE CARROLL TRIO Without doubt one of the very best new British jazz/soul/blues vocalists of this decade.

BBC jazz musician of the year 2005, BBC Jazz Vocalist of the year 2005, Ronnie Scott’s award 2007 for Best Female Vocalist.

Reviewing her recent albums :-

`Highly recommended, I love it! – Michael Parkinson; `Deeply soulful, wonderfully honest’ – The Times; `Utterly brilliant’ – Time-Out

`World class singer, world class album’ – The Guardian; `The real thing’ – Independent on Sunday Tickets £15 adv., £17 on door (All seated)


Without doubt the hottest new blues/rock band of this decade! Alan and Stevie Nimmo are each superb performers in their own right, but together they are just simply awesome. Great original songs, powerfully delivered with passion and soul. Definitely not to be missed! Tickets £15 adv., £17 on door (standing in hall)

Sat 15 Nov BLUES CARAVAN Sponsored by Ruf Records, Blues Caravan `Guitars & Feathers’ world tour features three dynamic international blues performers, Deborah Coleman (USA), Sue Foley (Canada), and Dani Wilde (UK), all backed by a superb band. World class blues at Cranleigh! Tickets £15 adv., £17 on door (standing in hall)

Sat 29 Nov THE BIG BRITISH BLUES BAND Great vocals from Paul Cox and accompanied by a truly superb 8-piece blues band that comprises Roger Cotton (keys), Alan Glen (guitar), Mike Summerland (guitar), Nick Payne (sax), Matt Wynch (trumpet), Tim Riggins - trombone, Pete Stroud (bass), Steve Dixon (drums).

Tickets £15 adv., £17 on door (standing in hall)


CAC’s Honorary Patron invites some of his musician friends to join him at Cranleigh for another terrific charity gig. Some of his friends may be famous, and some less so, but all will contribute to brilliant night of live music. All proceeds will be shared between CAC, and another charity (TBA).

Tickets £25 (standing in hall) NOTE - recipients of this e-mail will be notified first when tickets for this gig go on sale.

Bedgebury Pinetum
Forest Tour 2008 update:

Forest Gets Ready To Rock!

The production crew for the Forestry Commission's 2008 forest tour will be moving on site early next week in preparation for the forthcoming concert weekend at Bedgebury Pinetum, near Goudhurst, Kent. Around 30 production and forest staff will be responsible for turning the open recreational space into the concert arena, increasing to a team of over 100 over the weekend.

Commenting on the operation, David Barrow, the forest tour's Programmer & Production Manager, says, "It takes a day and a half to build the stage and then another day to get the main stage generators, lighting and PA rigged."

Over 140 stage lights are put into position and 22 sound cabinets are flown either side of the stage in good time for sound-checks each show-day afternoon. Alongside getting the stage production rigged, the arena's facilities are put in place including bars and catering units, toilets, 1st Aid, emergency exit gates, fire points and 1km of steel fencing to make the arena secure.

David continues, "In general it takes 3 days to set up the entire show and just over a day to de-rig and return the site to normal. The site will be a hive of activity throughout the week. It's pretty intense but the majority of the production team and forest staff have been involved with the tour for several years, so everyone is ready to play their part in ensuring a successful forest tour for 2008."

This year Bedgebury Pinetum, near Goudhurst, Kent will host the following shows:

Saturday 7th June Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra with special guest vocalist, Eddi Reader.
Sunday 8th June The Zutons with special guests The Mystery Jets and Noah and The Whale.


19Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, Gilson Lavis and guest vocalists Eddi Reader, Ruby Turner and Louise Marshall, has announced a summer concert at Bedgebury Pinetum & Forest, near Goudhurst, Kent.
This should prove a popular return to the venue where the act last played to a sell-out crowd in 2003.

Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra has become established as one of the most prolific touring acts in the UK, creating their own unique big band sound playing a mix of boogie-woogie, swing, jazz and R&B. They now play an average of 100 live shows a year, touring Britain and the world to audiences in excess of 250,000. It's been a particularly busy time for the music maestro recently with the publication of his autobiography, 'Barefaced Lies and Boogie-Woogie Boasts' and top 10 chart success with his latest album 'Best of Friends'.

Commenting on the booking Elspeth Hill for Bedgebury Pinetum says "We are delighted to have secured a date with Jools again. The concert will be supporting The Forestry Commission's valuable social and environmental programmes and is the first confirmed date as part of our summer concert weekend".

Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra will be performing at Bedgebury Pinetum & Forest, Nr Goudhurst, Kent, on Saturday 7th June 2008.
Tickets are £30 (subject to booking fee) and go on general sale from 9.00am on Friday 11 January 2008 from ticket hotline: 01842 814612 or buy on line



26Announce summer forest tour (Seven massive outdoor shows: June 5th - 28th 2008)

The Zutons, who are currently recording their new album in LA, the follow-up
to the multi platinum selling albums Who Killed The Zutons? and Tired Of
Hanging Around, have announced their first UK tour in two years at seven
unique forest locations across the UK. The dates are:

Thu 5th High Lodge, Thetford Forest, Near Brandon, Suffolk
Sun 8th Bedgebury Pinetum & Forest, Near Goudhurst, Kent
Fri 13th Delamere Forest, Near Linmere, Cheshire
Fri 20th Westonbirt - The National Arboretum, Near Tetbury, Glos
Sat 21st Sherwood Pines Forest Park, Near Edwinstowe, Notts
Fri 27th Dalby Forest, Near Pickering, North Yorks
Sat 28th Cannock Chase Forest, Near Rugeley, Staffs

Tickets are priced at £26, subject to booking fee, and are available from 9:00am on Friday 22nd February.
Forestry Commission ticket/info hotline: 01842 814612, and ticket hotlines online:
Ticketmaster (0870 1602837) or Gigs and Tours (0871 2200260) online: & & or buy in person at the venue

David Knopfler Band + Support.

Only UK Date For 2008, Book Early!

Monday March 17th 2008
Maverick @ Zebra Bar - Maidstone

Buy Tickets Here - £18 advance (£21 on door)

The founding member of Dire Straits, introducing brother Mark to his flat mate John. David played rhythm guitar on Dire Straits' first two albums. He has since persued his own musical vision, notching up an impressive 10 solo albums to date. A change in direction with 1993's 'The Giver' brought him increased acclaim, on which he has continued to build with the release of his most recent works. David writes contemporary Folk/Blues/Pop originals often too varied in approach to be categorised easily. His songs are immensely personal, underpinned by the unmistakeable Knopfler vocal tones, they get close to where he thought they were going with Dire Straits in the early days.

"There’s no mistaking that low-range Knopfler Voice but he’s actually the better songwriter." The Province, Canada.

Guitar Magazine Interview (Australia)

MON 17TH MAR, 2008 7.30 pmThe founding member of British rock band Dire Straits and brother to frontman of the band, Mark Knopfler. David has a fantastic solo career which began in 1983 with his first solo album RELEASE. SONGS FOR THE SIREN is David's latest release and on tour with a full band - this is going to be one amazing night...

£18.00 (£21 on door)

ME14 1BA

Strangeface are the only mask theatre company in the south of the UK!
They are based in Kent and tour their original productions to arts and community venues nationally.
Their latest show The Last Resort?is a dark comedy with masks and live music and can be best described as "Spitting Image does Faust". Suitable for adults and young people (11+) - a great night out with a chance to have a closer look at the masks afterwards.


25When a junior devil is in need of a holiday where does he go? Discover what comes to light as a remote village becomes The Last Resort. Strangeface Mask Theatre Company unveil their latest show in Kent during Spring 2008.

This dark comedy is suitable for anyone aged 11 up - adults and young people alike. Described as a cross between Spitting Image and The Brothers Grimm, it is a Faustian folk-tale told with mask, puppet and an original score, played live. The mix of music ranges from folk with an east European flavour, to moments of classical and jazz intermixed with stranger more haunting sounds.

You can have a closer look at this musical box for yourself. Part of Strangeface's unique style is to invite the audience onto the stage at the end of the show to have a go with masks and puppets, or just ask a question.

Strangeface toured nationally last year with The Outlaw Fulke Fitz Waryn - a piece for families to enjoy together. It played in libraries, schools and village halls in Gillingham, Strood and South Darenth amongst many other venues having been chosen and supported by Applause Rural Touring Scheme. This new production will also be performed at arts centres in addition to community venues and has been selected for an international showcase at the Brighton Festival in May.

Strangeface's diverse influences include Terry Gilliam (Brazil) Tim Burton (Nightmare Before Christmas), Oliver Postgate (The Clangers) and Eastern European animation. Artistic Director and maker Russell Dean says, "I've always been in love with the strange worlds of animation and working with masks and puppets is in many ways like creating a live cartoon. They are definitely not just for children. Our audiences respond to our shows in the same way as they might to watching an episode of The Simpsons, enjoying the story on several levels for different reasons".

You can see The Last Resort at:
(14/3/08) Boughton and Monchelsea Village Hall, Maidstone, Kent
Tickets £8/£4 from 01622 674001 or 01622 751926 or
Bockingford House, Cripple Street, Maidstone ME15 6ND

Bring your own drinks
Presented by Valley Conservation Society

(15/3/08) Ivychurch Village Hall Tickets £8/£5 from available from 01797 344121, 01797 344456 or
email or Stepping Stones, The Gardens, Ivychurch, Romney Marsh TN29 0AN
Interval refreshments available – BYO alcohol

Beneden Village Hall (26/4/08) Tickets £6/£4 from 01580 240508
The Brook Theatre, Chatham (30/4/08) Tickets £8/£6 from 01634 338338
Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells (1&2/5/08) Tickets £12.95/10.95 from 01892 678678 - NB: On the eve of National Deaf Awareness Week the performance on 2/5/08 will be captioned for the deaf and hard of hearing.
Theatre Royal, Margate (8/5/08) Tickets £10/£8 from 01227 787787

For more information and interviews contact Bethan at:
01732 354696,


Cringe Music writer Gonzalo Carrera is performing with 'Heidi Jo Hines Band' : featuring Heidi ( Denny Laine's ( Moody Blues, Wings) daughter) at
WE WILL ROCK ASCOT HRH 2008 - THE GATHERING - 15th & 16th MARCH - Royal Ascot Racecourse. Gates 10am

Denny Laine will be appearing with his band on the Sunday
(Tickets available at the Main gate Royal Ascot). MORE

Apart from being a rock festival this is the number 1 auction event for entertainment and music collectables in the uk.
The auction includes a thirty three year collection of 'Freddie Mercury & Queen' items from a dedicated fan & avid collector more at

Keith James & Rick Foot Present 'Lorca'

Their most exciting endeavour yet - 'Lorca'.

Consisting of an 11 track studio album and concert tour based on the works of celebrated Spanish poet and dramatist Federico García Lorca, the project has been two years in the making.

Monday 25th February
Zebra, Maidstone, Kent - 8:00 PM
Box Office - 01622 744481

Saturday 9th August
Broadstairs Folk Festival, Kent - 7:30 PM

For more information on the project, including details of the concept, photo gallery, press info and more, please visit the dedicated website at


Phil Lee & John Sieger UK Tour

Kent Date- 26th February 2008
Isle Of Sheppey "Minster Folk Club"
It's their 40th anniversary soshould be a good night

Support Mark Dean

Minster Folk Club,
Minster Working Men's Club
Union Road
Minster On Sea
Mark Dean

It took Phil Lee 49 years to come up with his debut album, 2000's The Mighty King Of Love, but happily his second album came along a lot sooner. You Should Have Known Me Then, like its predecessor, shows that though good things might take some time to come along, when they finally come they can come in bunches. It's taken Phil Lee a half a century of high hopes, heartbreak and hell-raisin' to come up with two albums worth of songs so far, but there's a lot in store for anyone who takes the time to listen. Lee gets billed as "country music with a rock and roll heart," and while that's true enough at times, it barely scratches the surface of his musical
menu. Shuffling country blues, coffeehouse folk, Dylanesque folk rock with a side order of rockabilly are also on the bill of fare.

That he does it all very well is proven in part by the roster of folks lined up to do it with him. Guests on You Should Have Known Me Then include Jay Bennett, John Stirrat and Ken Coomer of Wilco, Gillian Welch and her partner in artistry David Rawlings, Allison Moorer and Billy Joe Royal.

Phil is currently cocooned in the studio with even more of Nashville's elite, putting the finishing touches to "Goodbye Its Been Good To Now You"

Here is a sneak preview
So Long Its Been Good To Know You (192 kbps Download Pod/broadcast Single)
So Long Its Been Good To Know You (192 kbps Pod/broadcast download single)Taken from the forth coming album of the same name

'For my money, this guy is one of the greatest country talents to emerge from lower broadway. This snarling hillbilly rocker combines his down-home biographical lyrics with a grungey guitar sound. You can almost smell the cigarette smoke and stale beer. This is truly country with dirt under it's fingernails. It's the right stuff! ' Music Row Magazine

John Sieger is singer/songwriter in an earlier sense of the word. In other words, before there were singer/songwriters (read James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and less talented adherents baring their souls and exposing their diaries to the cruel light of day), there were acts such as Chuck Berry, Smoky Robinson, Buddy Holly and The Beatles singing songs they wrote. Please, if you don't mind, lump him in with that group of artists who see value in entertainment and think Saturday nights should release a little of the week's built up tensions. John would prefer to be paying an electric guitar (Strat or Dano) when all of this happens, but has been known to hoist an old Gibson Southern Jumbo or Country Western model and perform solo. He made a record for Warner Brothers in 1988 with his band Sem-Twang, called "Salty Tears." It was produced by Mitchell Froom a;long with Jerry Harrison and Chris Thomas (Uunderstudy to George Martin and producer of The Pretenders).

Phil Lee and John Seiger UK Tour
Director and Resident Publicists

1513Thanks to for featuring the project on the website, we have had several good leads from it and we continue to display your logo with pride on our website. Thought I would update you about a couple of our upcoming events as the project gets bigger.

Firstly, we have a set of Jam Nights starting up. The first is 6th March, 8pm at Queen Charlotte’s in Rochester High St. This is a chance for musicians and singers from 16 upwards to jam with the support of our projects’ professional band, Sidetrack. The band will be one hand with their extensive set list to support any solo vocalists or instrumentalists that might want their first public performance opportunity. We will also be showcasing some amazing local talent. The equipment we use is very high quality and the entrance is free.
Interested parties should contact me on

14Secondly, we have a Rock School for 11-18 yr olds at Greenacre School from 7th-11th April 08. This event is also free. It is very popular and applications can be downloaded from – I have included some photos for you to use of the last Rock School. The project is supported by Kent Police and Medway council.

Many thanks again
Mr D Wise
Advanced Skills Teacher - Medway LA
Head of Music - Greenacre School
Musical Director -
Gifted and Talented - Lead Teacher

01634 861593 x240

Branco Stoysin Trio @ The SHIP : 2nd March : £12 - £10 in adv 01732 740889

"One of the most lyrical and original guitarists around today."
Jack Massarik, Evening Standard

Map for THE SHIP Theatre at

Tickets SOLD OUT
Mick Jagger Centre Dartford

Sunday 2 Mar 2008 8.00 PM

Leading Mott the Hoople in the 70s, Ian Hunter achieved superstardom, with hits including All the Young Dudes and Roll Away the Stone. After making 4 albums, the band split up, and Ian (hailed as a ‘rock legend’ by Rolling Stone) began a successful solo career, bringing decades of critical acclaim as songwriter and singer. He was a key influence for bands such as the Clash, REM, Primal Scream and Oasis. His new recording, Shrunken Heads, has been nominated as Album of the Year by Classic Rock Magazine.

7Amy Speace
Wildflower Records artist will be joining renowned artist Ian Hunter as a special guest on his upcoming UK Acoustic Tour.

Upcoming Tour Schedule


Date City Venue
19 Feb 08 Edinburgh, Scotland Cabaret Voltaire
20 Feb 08 Aberdeen, Scotland Tunnel Club
22 Feb 08 Leeds, England Varieties Theatre
23 Feb 08 Manchester, England Lowry Theatre
24 Feb 08 Cardiff, Wales The Point
26 Feb 08 Plymouth, England The Hub
27 Feb 08 Milton Keynes, England The Stables
29 Feb 08 Ipswich, England The Manor Ballroom
01 Mar 08 Market Harborough, England Leisure Centre
02 Mar 08 Dartford, England Mick Jagger Centre

Amy Speace's CD "Songs For Bright Street" was released in the UK through ADA/Ryko last year, receiving rave reviews from the press across the pond:

Amy has already won a loyal grass-roots fan base, thanks in large part to live performances that merge warmth, humor and emotional immediacy, and to a tireless touring schedule that's already taken her across the United States. She's also won considerable critical acclaim, with The Village Voice observing that Speace is "taking her Americana away from twangy contemplation toward tangy confrontation" and noting that she's "not another of those breathy would-be child poets, but a real singing writer of songs." Time Out New York stated, "Amy Speace plays sweet, twangy folk music with a clear voice and an innocent vulnerability," while The Nashville Scene noted that she "balances wry humor with open-hearted honesty." And renowned Nashville critic Robert K. Oermann, writing in Music Row, dubbed her a "new star."


David Gray will tour the UK in March 2008 in support of his recently released first ever Greatest Hits album.

Tickets for the tour will go on sale at 9am on Thursday, December 6th.

Gray’s Greatest Hits album features fourteen tracks that document a career spanning over fourteen years, seven albums, three record labels and eleven million album sales. The album also includes two brand-new songs – ‘You’re The World To Me’ and ‘Destroyer’.



Passionate local indie / folk singer, Nic Bennett, has been invited by The Cribs to perform at their after show party, at the NME awards. The gig will take place on Friday 22nd Feb at Brixton Jamm, London.
4 other live bands will also be playing, as well as The Cribs doing a DJ set, until the early hours of the morning. Nic has been allocated 25 tickets for this event, priced at £8 each. For tickets and info contact Nic on 07988039920 / /

A coach trip may be put on from Folkestone if people have difficulty arranging travel.

22Folkestone lad Nic Bennett, who was told by doctors two years ago that he would never sing again, is about to hit the main stream, as a singer! Nic is a singer/songwriter playing passionate and intense indie/folk music, from Folkestone - Although the first line on his myspace biog shows this tag, he has been given, is something that he is not too happy about: “I’m not a singer/ songwriter – I’m a singer who just happens to write songs.” He’s only just started out on the live circuit again, after suffering from a long term inflamed tonsil, but his fusion of heavy/melodic guitars, punk dynamics and pop melodies has already been turning heads across England and Europe.

Live, he’s as experimental as David Ford, but as accessible as Damien Rice, and his intelligently crafted, honest pop songs have also been well received by Prestige Management (managers of Busted, Mcfly, Son Of Dork), when they came to watch him.

Although having been spotted out, with fellow musician, Kate Nash, in North London clubs, Nic is not getting even a percentage of her success. But all that’s about to change though, as All Saints’ producer and Blow Monkeys’ band member, Nevil Henry, has snapped him up, and claims that “Nic could quite possibly end up being the biggest act I’ve ever worked with.”

The Nevil Henry produced album “This Is 6th Form Poetry (Not Keates Or Yates)” is due out later this year. For further information, check out

John Etheridge with The Buster Birch Trio
Halstead Jazz Club
Sunday 10 February
Halstead Village Hall Knockholt Road, Halstead, Kent

Admission only £5.00 doors open 7:00pm music starts 8:00pm for more info and directions see

"One of the best guitarists in the world" - Pat Metheny
"I never wanted to be a star, just a highly respected musician like John Etheridge" - Sting

Guaranteed to be a great night of music when this master guitarist joins forces with one of the finest rhythm sections on the circuit.

17John Etheridge is not just another great guitarist, he is a master of the instrument and he knows how to use it to best effect in an enormous range of settings.
He is fast, a great chord man, inventive but subtle, as good with a pick as finger style, as at home on acoustic as on electric guitar. Critically, he knows what to leave out, when to use nuance and suspense and when to let rip. Taste and talent are the indisputable hallmarks of this incredibly accomplished and well-rounded musician who reads, and responds to his fellow musicians and his audience equally well.
His range is well illustrated by his years of touring and recording with the iconic Stephane Grappelli while simultaneously doing likewise with the legendary jazz-fusion group, The Soft Machine. John is equally at home on acoustic and electric guitar and his willingness to engage with so many styles is matched by his ability to excel in any of them.He has also played with John Williams, Yehudi Menuhin, Dizzie Gillespie, Herb Ellis, Mundell Lowe, Nigel Kennedy, Pat Metheny, Birelli Lagrene, Barney Kessel, Vic Juris and countless others.www.

1Buster Birch has a degree in music from the University of London and a post-graduate diploma in jazz performance from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Since finishing his studies and turning professional he has travelled extensively as a musician, performing in over 30 countries.
A musician of great versatility, Buster has worked with many of the UK’s finest jazz musicians, including; Peter King, Jim Mullen, Gerard Presencer, The Bobby Wellins Quartet, Geoff Simkins, Alan Barnes, John Critchinson, Ian Shaw, Derek Nash, Mark Lockheart, Chris Lawrence, Steve Waterman, Chris Batchelor, The Branco Stoysin Trio, The Deirdre Cartwright Group, Julian Nicholas, Ashley Slater and others; in the orchestral world, he has performed with, among others, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. He also has extensive experience in musical theatre and his recording credits include many jazz albums as well as pop (Lily Allen) and film score studio sessions.

Buster is also deeply involved with music education, teaching drums to all levels, giving music workshops and a course director of the highly respected Glamorgan Jazz Summer School. He is also a professor at Trinity College of Music where he lectures in jazz history.

ZOO won the category Best Jazz Artist at the 2007 New Music Awards held on 17th October at AKA London.

ZOO had already acheived the top of 3 categories of the 2007 Awards. A fine acheivment indeed based upon the hoards of acts vying to win overall.
ZOO won the Jazz category on the night and were presented with a fine trophy for the mantlepiece. The mighty trio from Breaston in Derbyshire were really chuffed to win and it showed on their faces in the presentation and the TV interview that followed.

ZOO are a 'New Jazz' act that recently released their album "Greenhouse" on the Folkestone based Red Admiral Records label.

USE OF INSTRUMENTS - Zoo - Dweeb - Isle of Avalon

THREE PIECE BAND - The Crucible - Zoo - Back Pocket Prophet - Fury UK

JAZZ - Zoo - Abigail Hopkins - Agua de Choro

Hosted by - Tony Wright (Terrorvision/Laika Dog) and Peter Brame (BBC Fame Academy) the Glasswerk New Music Awards awards were created to reward the best new music around the UK and to highlight the musical depth and diversity of the current UK music scene. From Jazz to Indie, from Pop to Folk, all categories were be made up of the very best underground talent in the UK and it is fully expected that some of the award winners will go on to achieve long and successful careers in the music industry.
The awards night was made up of 25 categories and will featured performances from some of the nominated bands and artists.

A 300 capacity audience was made up of industry producers and presenters from Radio 1, Radio 2, XFM, BBC 6 and many more regional new music shows. Journalists and reviewers form student to mainstream music magazines/ezines were also present.


Please check out for a touching Biog.
Bobby unbelieveably,lost his 21 yr old Daughter in a car crash on the 17th April, many yrs after Eddies death on the same date at the same age....!
Go to this link
Don`t miss this electrifying performance with Howard Tibble from Shakin Stevens,on drums, and Brian Hodgeson from Albert Lee,on Bass...for a real touching musical experience..and now check out the above link..
tickets available online

Ashford Rocks - Youth Music to cease at Ashford Footbal Club
You may be aware that Ashford Borough Council earlier in the year decided to enforce the law at Homelands and decree that no one under the age of 16 should come to gigs there unless accompanied by an adult. Thus with the club not being allowed to let in the 14 to 16 year olds Ashford Rocks was in danger of closing due to the financial costs of putting it on in the first place.

This caused uproar amongst local rock fans and several petitions were started. Negotiations continued with the council to try find a way to get around this interpretation of the law.

Attendance dropped to uneconomical levels and new owners of the football club want to hike the rent up to an impossible amount that just can’t be afforded, possibly their way of knocking it on the head as they don’t want young people there.

There is just a possibility that another venue in the area would like to host these previously highly attended events, if so -

Steve - Ashford Rocks !
07903 845427 for more information.

January 2008 edition of the Upcdownc newsletter


Happy New Year! Our first gig of 2008 is at The Beacon Court Tavern, Gillingham on Thursday 10th January. Doors are at 8pm and will cost £5 on the door or £3.50 in advance. For more info, please see the link below:

Secondly, we are playing a Silver Rocket night at the Buffalo Bar, Highbury, London on Saturday 19th January. We will be playing with Cove, Instruments and Silver Rocket Djs. For more info regarding doors etc, please see the link below:

Thirdly, we are playing a Club COG night at Blow up Metro, Oxford Street, London on Saturday 26th January. Doors are at 7:30 and we are on first along with Assembly Now, Work and Black Tricks. Doors are £6 or £5 in advance. Please see the link below:

Lastly, we're playing two nights for Ejector Seat. First, we are playing at the Joiners, Southampton on Wednesday 30th January along with Kumiss, Caesura and Sweat Mouth. Doors are at 7:30pm and entry is £5 in advance or £6 on the door.

Second, we are playing the following day at the Freebutt, Brighton on Thursday 31st January along with Bela Emerson, Revenge of Shinobi and -a+M. Doors are at 8pm and again entry £5 in advance or £6 on the door.

For more info regarding both gigs, then please the link below:

Also....Good things we have been listening to...

Justice - Cross
Latitudes - Bleak Epiphanies in Slow Motion
High on fire - Death is the Communion

Thanks - Chris, Gary, JimE, and Dale

Face to Face

The popular Kent Rock Band have taken January off from the gig circuit to rehearse a whole new batch of songs, they felt it was about time to change their set list,

Face to Face return on the 30th January at Herne Bay, where they will debut their brand new set.
Rehearsals are going very well & some of the new songs are quite challenging, they promise a few suprises for their return in 2008.

For further news and dates check their website

Black & White Promotions at Beacon Court Tavern Gillingham,128 Canterbury St, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 5PT

Opening the evening with a bang is Mirrortone ( . They are one of Medway's newest Rock bands and their real classic rock sound is reminiscent of Guns & Roses has been earning rave reviews from both their local and London gigs. They have recent recorded a new EP and you can hear these tracks live at the Beacon Court Tavern. Our Main Support comes from 3Bobnation ( Hailing from Gravesend they will be playing their raunchy rock with mesmorising melodies and great hooks, catch them for their first performance at the Beacon Court. For our headline band we are pleased to welcome the mighty UPCDOWNC ( One of Kent's finest and most unique bands will be playing their mainly instrumental rock music that has earnt them wide recognition in the music industry including XFM and KERRANG. 2008 sees Upcdownc take a new direction as a 4 piece and their future looks very bright so come see them now.

Doors open at 8pm, Music from 8.45 pm.

Cost is £5 on the door or advanced tickets for £3.50 can be purchased at

Venue: Beacon Court Tavern Gillingham,128 Canterbury St, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 5PT

For more details go to

The first prison sentence imposed for music piracy in Ireland
Martin McDonagh from Longford was jailed for 6 months.

The defendant was caught on Sunday 26th November 2006 at Drishogue Market with counterfeit music CDS and a large quantity of DVDs. He appeared before Carrick On Shannon District Court on Wednesday July 25th, on copyright charges and pleaded guilty.
In addition to a jail sentence of 6 months, the Judge fined McDonagh £1,000 plus costs.

'This sends out a strong warning sign to anyone involved in illegal counterfeiting and CD selling.
It is stealing from people who make a livelihood from music.

We will do everything in our power to seek out and prosecute anyone involved in any form of unlawful music practice.
This is the first prison sentence that has been imposed and we intend that it will not be the last'.
Dick Doyle - Director General, IRMA.

Kent Artist - Mooli

How are you? Hope you've had a good week, and are having a great

This week we are one of the bands played on the BBC Kent '
Introducing show' featuring some of the best self released bands in
kent. This comes hot on the heels of our recent play on BBC radio 6
music 'Introducing show'. This time the track featured is ' Easy'
taken from our Concubine album.

There is a discussion on the board abut the tracks played on the
show, and it's encouraging to see a few comments already from people
who like us. A few more won't do any harm, so if you'd like to leave
a comment – please do. It goes without saying that the more people
leaving positive messages about us, the more chances of repeat plays

We are on the new digital download album ' Cafe Ibiza' available from
tunetribe, I-tunes, and all good download stores, and the Chinese
album ' Music in style' is now out , billed as ' A deluxe selection
of elegant stylish electronic music' it features the likes of Chris
Coco, and Sacha Puttnam, Eric Kupper and ourselves, amongst others.

The word from the pressing plant is that we should have delivery of
our album ' Concubine' on December 5th, which is the same day we have
our next gig, at Hadlow College, Kent. All being well, we shall have
copies at the gig, and will start shipping personal signed copies to
all those who have pre ordered, so everyone should definitely have
their copies in time for Christmas! We haven't at this stage decided
on the official release date as yet, but it will be sometime in the
first quarter of next year, most probably in March. It will however
still be available to order via our website

Finally, we've set up a facebook group,so feel free to add us, and
leave comments on there,if you're a facebooker.The URL is http://

Hope to see you at one of the gigs!

Meanwhile enjoy the weekend, and talk soon.

Ben & Clea :) xx

Hello friends of ReD 13!

ReD 13 WIN!!!!!!............. Band of the Year 2007
Holy crap!....they only went and done it!!!!!
Playing along side: Phoenix de Novo / Panic Plan / Vialate

"What a night!" gasped Pablo, as the judges announce a unanimous decision....

..."ReD 13 are Band of the Year 2007 !!"

It was an amazing turn out and an awesome show for the lively crowd that showed up to jeer on their local heroes!
8th September 2007 will ever be remembered by ReD 13, as the day that determination and faith came together to fuel an onslaught of rock destruction that won the competition.

The competition from the other bands was epic! - and the music was so passionate that it proved every band deserved to be there! - The only thing we regret is that people had to lose the competition for us to win - the talent was exceptional all round!!!!

ReD 13 want to thank all the people that came and showed support - we couldn't have done it without YOU!!!

ReD 13's Upcoming Gigs:

Upcoming Shows
14 Sep 2007 20:00 Corn Exchange Maidstone
15 Sep 2007 20:00 12 Bar Club London
6 Oct 2007 20:00 Red Lion Gravesend, South
2 Nov 2007 20:00 Halloween Party - Red Lion Gravesend
15 Nov 2007 20:00 Beercart Arms Canterbury

Thanks peeps!

ReD 13 (under construction)

Pete Castle was amongst the Tenterden Folk Festival regulars representing Kent the recent Smithsonian Folk life Festival in Washington DC.

Pete summarised his feelings about the festival as follows;


There are times when I can’t believe how lucky I am to do what I do for a living. For a week at the end of June/beginning of July I was one of the first English people to participate in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington DC. (Previously Scots, Welsh and Irish and just about any other nationality you can name have been there but, for some reason, not the English!) I went as a ’cultural exemplar’ (I’ve been called many things before!) from Kent, where I was born and frequently appear at events such as Tenterden Folk Festival. Our programme in Washington was called the Roots of Virginia Culture and I worked alongside Virginians, American Indians and Senegalese. Also participating in their own sections of the festival were delegations from the Mekong Delta and N.Ireland.

The Washington Post described the event thus:

“Seven city blocks; 10 days of arts, crafts, music, sports and games; 32 languages; 90-degree temperatures; 103 tents; 415 volunteers and 707 guest participants: Yes, the 41st annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the Mall promises to be a bustling, sometimes overheated, multi-tented and multicultural mini-metropolis.”

I was asked to perform at the opening ceremony and by the time I was on stage the audience had been listening to strange music and long speeches for nearly 2 hours so it wasn’t the time for a serious ballad or long story! ‘Hopping Down in Kent’ proved to be the right choice and I’m told that the Governor of Virginia, the Ambassador for China, Martin McGuinness et al were joining in and swaying along behind me!

We musicians/storytellers did several sets each day on one or other of the various stages and joined random selections of other artists to discuss a variety of topics on the discussion stage. It was a bit unreal to find yourself sharing a stage with a great blues singer like John Cephus or some of the Appalachian banjo pickers who looked as though they’d walked straight out of Deliverance!

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. You don’t often get the chance to be heard by over 160,000 people in one day! (They reckon on 1 million people during the course of the festival. It’s all free—a ‘museum without walls’.) To eat breakfast with American Indians; to hear Chinese, American, and Vietnamese musicians jamming together; to engage in good natured banter about politics with a Rev. from Northern Ireland; to share a lift with exotically clad dancers from Cambodia… you think you’re in a dream.

If you look at my website at you’ll find a page dedicated to the event, complete with pictures and links to other sites on which you can find interviews and even videos of me performing!

I will be back in Kent at in the near future and at Tenterden Folk Festival 2007 from the 5th to 7th October.

Pete Castle

storyteller and folk singer
Editor: Facts & Fiction storytelling magazine

Info Supplied by

Alan Castle
Trustee and festival director

Chaos Collective

In 2003, following a change in his circumstances, Vince Thorpe from Deal in Kent decided to dive in at the deep end, and organise several gigs featuring some of his long term favourite bands.
It occurred to Vince that he had been travelling around the country for over twenty years following  bands yet they at some point had stopped coming to the South East.
Over the years he had got to know a lot of these bands, so he asked them how this had come about.
Basically it turns out that there was noone around to put them on anymore.
The idea was to bring well known and influential Punk bands to Kent, and to always have local bands as support.
This was an instant success.
In the following years influential bands such as GBH, UK SUBS, Discharge, Anti NoWhere League and many many more all played in the local area.
Each bill had between three to five bands on it, at least one being from Kent/Sussex.
In the end Vince became a victim of his own success, and trying to run everything on his own, whilst battling  disappearing venues and various other problems, all became too much.
It occurred to Vince that there were others promoting gigs with the same way of thinking, but on a smaller scale.
After brief discussions, it was decided that the way forward was to join together. Hence the birth of the CHAOS COLLECTIVE.
Based loosely around a hardcore of four, Vince, Davee, Matt and DJ Pete but with others joining and leaving as it suited them.
If one member wants a gig with a particular band, then he takes the lead with the others supporting him.
It is a method that works well.
In the last four to five years, between them many many different bands have been promoted at gigs in Folkestone, Dover, Ashford, Canterbury, Deal and the surrounding areas, in clubs, pubs other venues and even barns!
Not just Old Skool Punk, but new punk bands, rock, metal and alternative.
Through contacts, gigs and mini tours have also been set up around the country for several local bands either headlining or supporting named bands.
Vince states that the biggest achievements has been bringing bands to Kent that have been so influential on major acts such as Metallica, Green Day, Anthrax, Rancid etc so that local kids can see where their favourite bands roots are.
As we have lost venues through redevelopment etc, others have been resurrected. One example being PIPERS CLUB, Folkestone which was a regular venue in the 80s, hosting bands such as The Meteors and even US Hardcore legends Black Flag!!!
There are also now several more people promoting these kind of gigs throughout Kent and Sussex, culminating in the Concrete Jungle three day festival at Camber sands last April. This is to become an annual event.
The Collective advised and supplied personnel and equipment, as well as extensive promotion.
We can now set up almost any size of event.
All gigs are pay on the door, and details are on the website

Db Infusion News 2007

some great news Db Infusion performance at the london's premier jazz venue " Spice of Life" was a great success and it featured as guests guitar legends John Etheridge( Soft Machine,Andy Summers) and former Yes guitarist Peter Banks and received a great review from legendary music journalist Chris Welch. (Below)

DB Infusion and Christopher LeeDb Infusion will be performing as backing band for legendary movie star; Christopher Lee( Dracula ,Lord Of the rings,Starwars,the wickerman,etc,etc) Christopher Lee will be releasing new dvd featuring video performances from his album "revelation" the Uk release is July the 2nd,2007. as a prelaunch promotion and to celebrate his 85th birthday. Christopher Lee will be performing live on stage at the london Excel Centre on the 26th and the 27th of May. His versatility and ability to be of any age, together with his willingnes to take on new challenges,giving him some of the most unusual collaborations including Paul Mccartney's" Band On the Run" R & B boy band Damage or heavy metal band Manowar.
The performances are being organized to celebrate his up and coming Dvd release " Revelation".The revelation dvd is a special collectors edition avalaible exclusively at the London expo, nearly 2 months before its official uk release date.

Mr Lee will Be performing in different styles of music, for example : heavy metal,jazz/flamenco, and a broadway musical. He will be joined on stage by guests artists from various musical fields such as singer Lola Rueda,world renowned flamenco guitarist Juan Ramirez and introducing Db Infusion a progressive jazz/rock fusion band, they will performing also tracks from their new album "Dreamscape"

review by Chris Welch
London Fans Witness Battle Of The Guitars

Peter Banks
was in fighting form when he jousted with fellow guitar god John Etheridge alongside jazz-fusion group Db Infusion at
London's 'Spice Of Life' venue on April 5th. Infusion plays intense Latin tinged instrumental arrangements such as 'Yo Yo' from their
excellent album 'Dreamscape'. Etheridge was guesting with the band, which is led by guitarist Danny Berdichevsky. Peter Banks, seated in the audience, was invited to join in the fun.

Danny, together with keyboard virtuoso Gonzalo Carrera, Ollie Usiskin (drums) and Lakis Economou (bass), launched into a riveting set greeted by cheers from the hip crowd at the popular jazz venue. They reached a climax with a finger-cracking version of 'Flight Of The Bumble Bee.' Danny also played brilliant Spanish style acoustic guitar. However, the highlight of the evening came when Peter Banks took to the stage. 'More guitar solos!' he had bellowed, after an earlier exchange between a fired up Etheridge and combative Berdichevsky. The band laughed, but soon Peter was taking his place in the front line, checking his 'Pod' a miraculous device, which replaces all known PA technology. "I'll just be ten minutes setting up," he joked after bowing down deferentially to Mr. Etheridge.

Although Peter later claimed he didn't know the tune, the key or the arrangement, the founder member of Yes soon adapted to the band's format. He engaged in some brilliant exchanges with Danny and John in an exciting battle of the guitars. John was playing a hollow bodied Gibson 335 with subtle dexterity, while Peter favoured his bright salmon pink Ibanez Jem 777, a real eye catcher.

It was great to see the highly undervalued Mr. Banks thoroughly enjoying himself as he played with all his old Yes fire. Returning
to his table near the band after an exhilarating set, he revealed that he and drummer Dave Wagstaff, also in the audience, planned a
new Prog Rock group, together with Gonzalo. With that line up it could be the biggest group since Yes, ELP and King Crimson!

Footnotes: After the gig we congratulated the young drummer who played such great solos with Infusion. Only to discover the
promising 'youngster' is aged 35…Peter would like to remind us that Infusion has 'nothing to do with tea making, whatsoever.'

Chris Welch
For complete review check out
Chris's Corner

Welcome to the Counterfeit Notes newsletter.

We are pleased to announce the addition of an eighth member of the band from November. "Charlie" will be joining our ranks on a full time basis. Charlie is an experienced female vocalist and has been working on a solo career over the last couple of years. Charlie will help too add a touch of feminine class to the band.

The band is fast approaching 15 years old! but still retain the enthusiasm and energy of our first gigs. Over the years the band have evolved into a very much in demand party band. Our set lists are selected from some of the most popular tunes from many genres to ensure we'll get your feet tapping!

We take huge pride in arrangements with event organisers, in order to guarantee a successful event. We pledge satisfaction and value for money. The band provides a state of the art sound and light system. All our equipment is P.A.T tested and we offer full Public Liability Insurance. With two thirds of 2007 already gone the band has been working exceptionally hard throughout the year to enhance their formidable reputation.

Shameful Behaviour EP review on Lucifer Speaks

Shameful Behaviour announce video shoot at Ashford Rocks gig on 27th April 2007 They plan to release a full live dvd of the full show for sale around the world.
Get yourself on video.
The band are encouraging fans to attend wearing makeup like the band's own and even wear fancy dress if they want.
It is intended to be an evening of fun and entertainment.
All the usual Ashford Rocks and entrance still apply


5Shameful Behaviour out of the closet at last as they dominate the last night of HookstockUnder wraps for most of 2006
Shameful Behaviour dominated the
last night of Hookstook at the Hook
& Hatchet Hucking near Maidstone
which took place on 22nd-23rd July.

The unusually reclusive band plays
catchy Heavy Rock songs in their
pyrotechnic performance and may
not appear again this year. The band
can also be heard on the net at

For more information about the band or
to arrange interviews call
01634 386070 or 07908 912570

Maverick @ Zebra Bar - 15-17 King Street, Maidstone, ME14 1BA – 01622 744481

As from August 6, the Soul Café @ Mu Mu’s Restaurant is no longer active. But live rootsy Americana music will continue in Maidstone at a new venue.

From Sunday August 26 Maverick @ Zebra Bar launches with the Haley Sisters and intend to run weekly on a Monday night, with the exception of previously booked shows that were already scheduled on other nights and cannot now be changed.

Kingskin Have a new CD out soon! as a follow up to Last Ride Home: its called the Humpin Mojo EP, 5 tracks of pure listening pleasure. The official date is Mon 7th May 2007.

Since their last tour ended in November they've been keeping busy and done the odd show here and there but are back with a purpose. .

"Last Ride Home" Tour & single reviewMoving from their enthusiastic start in 2003 in the South East of Kent, Kingskin developed a huge desire to be recognised by everyone, and it worked. As they worked harder, their popularity spread and they became a most valued Kent band, with a massive fanbase and regular news letters they have kept in touch with all regularly.4Sitting like hometown boys, big in their own back yard was not enough for Kingskin. Personel changes and a addaption to their live material brought them more fans. Attending music college and moving nearer the bright lights, their experiences and audience awareness grew. They have matured and earned their stripes in my opinion, as they have not just sat on their laurels of 2004 being voted top unsigned band by Kerrang polsters. (is it good to be a top unsigned band if it does not bring fame, fortune and a signing?)Kingskin got off their arses, travelled the UK and Europe to bring their style of Rock to the masses and quite deservedly are now recognised nationally as a band that has matured as a new force to be reckoned with.

2005 brought new recordings and a deal with Diablo Records who continue the ongoing development of Kingskin whilst the band build their fan base and profile by touring. The band are currently mixing a number of new tracks that wil be considered for a 4 track EP or album release in autumn 2006. Meanwhile their new single released 9th October is a download exclusively from iTunes, a prelude to bigger things we hope.
"Last Ride Home" is a romping down to earth rock/pop song that will be a big hit with their fans and radio listeners. Can't wait to hear the album. The potential of the Kingskin has at last has come to fruition and shows there is so much more to come. Always a great band Live the tour was be a blast with a few unscheduled acoustic sessions along the way, we will watch their progress with great interest.

January 1st 2007
As a celebration of the new digital download rules The Silent Kingdom present their January single release:
"Dancing With Fire"

you can preview or download here....December 1st 2006.

The Silent Kingdom a team from the marsh (The Romney Marshians) have created our Christmas song for this year.
It's called "Christmas At Home".

This is a digital single. Only available here and on the radio including
BRFM 95.6fm Isle of Sheppey - Wythenshawe FM - All FM in Manchester - Isles FM - City Vibe Radio - Carillon Radio -
Box Radio - ABC Australia - BBC Kent - Castledown Radio - Cullin FM - MaximumFM -
BBC Three Counties Radio,
Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and
Buckinghamshire"Christmas At Home" is here.....Have a good holiday
Chris & Sandi at Kentgigs------------------------------------------------CHRISTMAS AT HOME - SANTA HAS JOINED THE DIGITAL AGE AS DISTRIBUTOR FOR A NEW DIGITAL RELEASERed Admiral Records Announce New Business PartnerRed Admiral Records the UK Indie label announced today that they have employed the help of a new distributor for their Christmas song "Christmas At Home" A new seasonal tune of the genre popular at this time of the year. Many of the creators of the song "Christmas At Home" known collectively as "The Silent Kingdom" are a little shy of declaring who they are. Clues in an earlier press release point to the former rogue vicar from Romney Marsh in the South East of England; Dr. Syn, an importer and exporter of dubious repute, could be involved.The International distributor known globally as "Santa" has declared that anyone downloading his favourite song will get a speedy and economic delivery in time for Christmas, wherever in the world they may be. No additional postal costs or trudging around the ever decreasing record stores is involved this year, unless you want to buy heavily hyped, expensively advertised stuff like last year.You can also choose your own time of delivery by going to :-
- a clever device loaned to assist the reindeers by those helpful people at 7digital who thought it worthwhile to assist independents in this years venture. Consumer advice - A download is a great last minute present but please don't leave your music shopping until the 24th December, even Santa's little servers cannot supply everyone at the same time.And, boys and girls, please don't forget our download site.
A song is not just for Christmas.Previews and Download

Red Admiral Records

A diverse new music night is to run monthly on Wednesdays at the Landmark Centre In Deal

The Goodwins Music presents @The Landmark Centre, High Street, Deal. Kent
The 4 acts this night are
e is only £4Contact: Will Greenham - 01304 239844

Kent & E Sussex Gig Guide Est. 1981
Hi All,
We showed in our mailout on Tuesday that we have been supplying the press and music fans with listings for 25 years. It has raised a little interest so we have produced below the gig guide for this week, 25years ago. Might bring back some memories for some and a chance to air some idle thoughts whilst typing.

Our first Gig Guide actually hit the press on 25th April 1981 in one Folkestone newspaper along with a write up for a band and a photo which was the deal we obtained. This newspaper was the only one who had a gig guide with more than just a couple of lines of information. If hadn't been for the national music press of the time i.e. NME, Sounds and Melody Maker we could have been the inventors of the Gig Guide. We also flyposted throughout the local area in the once many music shops, corner shops and record stores.

There were no computers, email or internet, affordable photocopying or home printers, just handwriting and relying on the local friendly printer who created our masterpieces by a screenprinting process. The newspapers were created by hand-set lead type in wooden blocks. When you went to the local press it was like a factory with clattering typewriters, smoke from the molten lead and guys with dirty hands.
How things have changed
. Kent Gig Guide hit the internet in 1999. We were now able to process our data in numerous different ways and supply the media and live music fans in whatever form they need.
We supply Newspapers, TV, Radio, Teletext, internet providers, people on our mail lists and worthy rival sites with the bulk of their Kent gig listings. We are very grateful for their participation over the years and pleased to have helped over 600 venues and 1000's of bands tell music lovers where it is all happening. Our website's unique visitors read about 40,000 pages a month. You wouldn't believe what some of them are searching for.

Not forgetting those small music venues
who have sponsored live music over the years, we are reminded that the Louis Amstrong Pub in Dover is probably the top venue in Kent having sponsored 2 to 3 music nights for over 40 years and have used our services for the last 25 years. They are not alone in the quest to provide long term 'away from the armchair' entertainment. Long may small venues prosper.

Continuing to support live music is really important now as audiences have decreased due to the net and TV, Radio overload. We were surprised recently to realise the number of young people that have not regularly seen live bands in action in their own town and even a few that had never seen a live band except at school. That is deprivation of the senses, a serious lack of culture. Why is it that many people in Dover and Folkestone have never visited Dover Castle? It is all a mystery.

Longest running bands acts still appearing in Kent?
Bill Barnacle Jazz Band for one, we are reminded below that English Rogues have been entertaining us for a long time and so have many others, too many to mention, but just one more - Jack Pound has continually provided a platform for new artists to have a go at fulfilling their dreams with his showcases and open stages. Thanks Jack.

Just noticed below that in 1981 the Spitfire Leisuredrome at Hawkinge was providing leisure space for the youngsters in the village. Now it is to be sacrificed and the land sold to raise money to prop up the Parish, Community Centre and the flagging facilities provided, after spending millions on a new premises that has no sound insulation for music events and badly planned sport facilities. Where else in the county have the planners forgotten that young people have needs like indoor sporting facilities, music based events without alcohol and generally somewhere to hang out. In 1981 we had it, why are we depriving the new generation of the the things we valued most when we were their age. ?If you really want to find the history of our great bands go to our Kent MusicBiz site it covers a lot from 1958 to 1990

The future? - More of the same and whatever is new and worthwhile around the corner - Tell us what you need. We will have a go
What was happening this week in 1981 - from our archives

SOUNDHOUSE (Hawkinge) - STEVES STAG NIGHT - Strippers and Comedians
THE DOVER STAGE (Dover) - Country & Western Night with THE RUSTLERS


SOUNDHOUSE (Hawkinge) - DISCO 8 - 1.00 am
THE CASTLE (Ashford) - J.C.B.
SOUNDHOUSE (Hawkinge) - DISCO 8 - 1.00 am
RED LION INN (St Margarets) - ENRY
HIGH & DRY (Waldershare) - LIVE MUSIC - Country & Western­ - Guest Artiste
Evening - SPRINGFIELD HOTEL (Folkestone) - FOLK CLUB - Everyone Welcome
THE COLT (Ashford) - HIS & HERS - Country Duo

Additional venues and programme changes - see Leisure Pages South Kent Gazette (Now Defunct)
Thanks for your continued supportChris and Sandi Ashman

Suppliers to the media since 1981
Kent & E Sussex Gig Guide

Heavy Mental - November UK Tour 20062Chicago art rockers Heavy Mental return to Kent in November 2006. The band will tour from Friday 10th November until Saturday 25th November. Heavy Mental are lead by Wayne Kusy, finger picking guitar ace, backing vocalist and all round nut job. (He also builds 25ft long model ships out of toothpicks). The band is fronted by hippy chick Sara Hollister, a talented singer-songwriter, who also has her own band. The rock solid rhythm section consists of the two Daves; K, the beat perfect drummer, and B, the jazz funk bass guitar tutor. The band write socio-political commentary songs that dig at the superficiality of much of the modern American culture and politics. The band have recently released a new album, "Escape From The Dummy Culture", which be available from the band during the tour.
Further information, pictures and mp3 sound files are available at their site - main tour support will be Maidstone hard rock band One Day Elliott.
The band are providing transport, accommodation, back line and instruments and will enjoy a reciprocal arrangement in Chicago at some time in the future. - promotional support is being provided by
Ashford Rocks -
Cortex -
Rock Matrix -
Red Lion, Northfleet -
Tap n Tin -

The current tour schedule is as follows
10th Ashford Rocks, Homelands, Kingsnorth - 7pm - £5 with Shotgun Junky + A 1000 Leagues Below
11th Cortex Dark Days, Bonds, New Road, Sheerness - 7pm - £6 with One Day Elliott + Mantora + Maple Street + Seven Year Kismet + Cursed As Angels + Life Sentence
12th DefZone, Drakes, Fairmeadow, Maidstone with One Day Elliott + local support
16th DefZone, Tap n Tin, Railway Street, Chatham - 8pm -£3 with One Day Elliott + Los Salvadores + Paddy Jones
17th Wyvern Hall, Central Avenue, Sittingbourne - 7pm - £2 with One Day Elliott + Life Sentence + Seven Year Kismet + Kobrakai Cancelled
18th DefZone, Red Lion, Crete Hall Road, Northfleet - 9pm - £5 with One Day Elliott + Endless Summer
19th DefZone, Red Lion, Faversham Road, Badlesmere - 5pm - £FREE with One Day Elliott + Electric River
21st Rock Matrix, Bull and Vic, High Street, Dartford - 7:30pm - £2 with One Day Elliott + local support
23rd DefZone, Harriets Nightclub, Cliff Terrace, Margate - 8pm - £3 with One Day Elliott + Shibby
25th DefZone, Oasthouse, Granary Close, Rainham - 7:30pm - £3 with One Day Elliott + Los Salvadores

Bands Wanted for The University of Kent at Medway. The campus is also home to The Univerisity of Greenwich, Canterbury Christchurch University and is open to Mid-Kent College students too. UMSA is the Universities at Medway Students' Association and is the student union for all 4 establishments. We have recently taken over and refurbished the on-campus nightclub "Purple" and once the PA system is up and running (roughly October 2006) we will be hosting live music nights on Tuesdays.

We will be putting on signed up-and-coming bands, local bands and other popular bands. The facilities are provided absolutely free of charge, we will not be asking bands to pay for the engineer or to hire the PA and they may get the opportunity to support a signed band. Any band that would like to play at the universities can find out more information at

and they can email me Lisa at .

Sweet 'Bose' sound for Kent Singer-Songwriter as she launches new initiative for local musicians with Canterbury Christ Church UniversityBose at the McArthur Glen Outlet Centre in Ashford congratulated Julia Jones' efforts for local music by presenting her with a state-of-the-art Bose Audio system and hosting an evening reception at their store recently.When Julia Jones left Kent in 2003 to follow her dream and relocate to New York City to record an album of her songs it cost her everything she owned. Julia sold her house, cars, speedboat, furniture, and stereo to afford to pursue this ambition and it seems the sacrifice has been worth it. Jones now tours America annually with her band in their eccentric double-decker bus promoting British music and was this year joined by The Magic Numbers and Paul Oakenfold aboard her tour vehicle. She has a new album entitled 'Notes From The Road' being released in January in the UK.She is now back in Kent and determined to help build a thriving local music industry and help develop local talent. Jones says,
'Living in New York for the last few years has been an amazing experience and was necessary in order to establish ourselves within the industry but it's great to now be home again.The creative industries have been highlighted by the Government as an area that is going to be increasingly important to the future of the UK economy and it is important to start building a strong local music industry in Kent right now. That includes creating the highest quality educational opportunities, developing more live music venues, and encouraging people in Kent to enjoy and support local talent.'Her first step is to launch a series of weekend workshops with Christ Church University starting on Oct 28th aimed at giving local musicians a good working knowledge of the industry. These short courses were announced at the Bose store at the Ashford McArthur Glen outlet centre on Oct 5th where the promo film of Jones's USA tour called The BritBus Tour was also screened to private guests and Kent media. Julia gained an MBA degree at the University of Kent in 2001 and is currently researching the strategic marketing of UK music in the USA with New York University and Christ Church University.'There is a huge amount of talent in Kent and I hope that my experience of the last 4 years working in the music industry in New York and the UK can help drive the development of the music scene in the county. Support of local businesses such as Bose and McArthur Glen are extremely valuable to us and we appreciate the shared enthusiasm'.For further information regarding Julia Jones see www.juliajones.comFor further information regarding the short courses for local musicians at Christ Church University

Contact telephone - 07870 60497

Undressing in Maidstone!6Colourful rocky rootsy six-piece State of Undress make their Kent debut on Wednesday 1st November at The Chicago Rock Café in Maidstone. The band who hail from Christchurch in Dorset will be playing songs from their current album Ghosts of Wasted Chances as well as some new songs from their next album to be recorded early next year.Charlie Rose, lead vocalist and one of the writers for the band said: 'We're really looking forward to playing at The Chicago Rock Café. We've heard it has a great atmosphere and is really making a name as a venue for original live music. We're hoping to have a bit of a party going on by the end!'Although Maidstone is hardly on the doorstep for this Christchurch band , State of Undress are used to travelling having just played gigs at Liverpool's famous Cavern Club and the Virgin Megastores in Piccadilly, London ; and with gigs in Bedford, St Albans, and Leicester coming up in the next few weeks.Just over 2 years ago, Charlie gave up her day job as Director of the National Literacy Association to concentrate on writing for and promoting the band and their music full-time. Since then, the band has gone from strength to strength. 'Well call us late developers' says Alan Rose, co-writer and one of the guitarists for State of Undress 'but we just didn't want to end up like the character in our title track regretting what we didn't do and wondering what might have been.'Hard to pigeon-hole, State of Undress' guitar-based music laced with violin, mandolin and banjo in addition to drums and bass moves from thought-provoking, atmospheric songs to the shamelessly foot-tapping! The band themselves refuse to be labelled. 'We just write songs that we like and feel' added Steve Adams who plays guitar, banjo and mandolin and also co-writes. ' If a song ends up being a little bit rock, or a little bit jazz or a little bit folk, that's fine with us.' All those genres can be found on the current Ghosts of Wasted Chances album. State of Undress are nothing if not versatile!State of Undress at The Chicago Rock Café, High St, Maidstone, Kent on Wednesday 1st November 2006 from 9.00pm til late. For more information check the website on or contact State of Undress on 0797 1472768 or The Chicago Rock Café on 01622 692299.

' State of Undress remind me of, on one hand the more jolly Pogues stuff, on the other The Beautiful South. They have good spirit and feel good songs with a touch of humour to some of the lyrical content.' BBC Southern Counties Radio Press enquiries: Charlie Rose 0797 1472768 01425 277462

PO Box 5690, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 5XQ Tel: 0797 1472768

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