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Arthur Kitchener
Album: The Wordsmith
Genre : Singer / Songwriter
Red Admiral Records
Released 10th March 2011
Many years have passed as Arthur forged his art leading bands of many genres. This solo album is his first on Red Admiral as he returns to his roots as The Wordsmith.

"There have been three things that have been consistent from my teenage years and they are. My love of The music of Dion DiMucci. My love of Millwall football club and my belief in a Higher Power."


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Arthur KitchenerArthur now has permanent transport, his new friend is a converted London Taxi called "Tarkus" after the Emerson Lake and Palmer Album about a metal Armadillo.

The Wordsmith's latest demo doing the rounds "Mary Sleeps with the Radio On" - An outstanding tribute to John Peel and his work in supporting the musicians and the dedicated listeners of un-commercial music. It may result in a collapse of the economy as across the country, as forlorn real musicians previously with a hope of some airplay, go out and get day jobs.

A quote from the Wordsmith
" The music scene has gone to pot now the working class hero is no more, John Peel was the last bastion of real down to earth music. We will now have to put up with rubbish like Girls Aloud instead of the Ronnettes and Westlife instead of Dion and The Belmonts"

Somebody's Music released the new Arthur Kitchener Album.

The new album is a monster CD with The Wordsmith serving up 70 minutes of passion in down to earth songwriter mode - Unplugged, acoustic and vocal only. A chance to hear a few of his older previously released songs, without percussion and all the other things going on. There are also a host of new songs and excerpts from a live performance in Canterbury with stories of the influences and reasons for them being written.
Featured friends also performing on the album are Martin Reed
Mark Hewins and Johnny Mars

The Album is called "The Road I've Travelled". which encompasses the journey from his early life in the back streets of South London, through his early years of musical inspiration, love, sex and football. The story moves on through the ups and downs of a musician trying to untangle the mysteries of the real world and how it affects the inner workings of a musician. The inner struggle between doing what is right and the natural drift of an artist.
Relocating through Kent and more recently a time-out period residing and working with musicians in Glastonbury, Arthur finds a new set of rules and inner peace with his art.
"The Road I've Travelled" will be the last Album that features self recriminations as he works on new compositions for the next one, which promises to explore the oddities of human nature with sarcasm, humour and observations from a different plane in a way only The Wordsmith can.

Arthur Kitchener - Wordsmith
2003 - Arthur Kitchener the performer and songwriter has recently launched himself into yet another musical arena.
A new career as solo singer / songwriter has now begun.

This versatile musician has done the lot, either supplying a solid Bass or Vocals for many famous and new aspiring artistes that required the leadership to make a name for themselves internationally or just on the local circuit.

To place Arthur in one genre has been impossible over the years, his songs have been recorded or performed in just about every style. On a typical day he would be doing a recording session for a Country band, playing bass with a Blues band in the evening and writing a Ska song for a new album whilst traveling home.
There is one certainty though, and that is, his lyrics will go down in history as being honest, down to earth and memorable.

As Arthur Kay, his songs span the world as the root drive behind Arthur Kays Originals, Originator, The Last Resort and The Warriors. His songs have motivated the generations and been transformed across the ever moving forms of street fashion music. "Ska Wars" was used as the title track for a 4CD pack celebrating the the 2 Tone and Ska years. "King of the Jungle" has now been performed in nearly every genre of music except classical, but classic it is.

Arthur has many stories to tell about his years in the music business, good times and bad, his friends and influences are reflected in the songs he writes for himself. Of course, it also helps if a good story line is available to him when writing for others.

Talking of others, Arthur still gets a warm feeling and chatty when reminded of performing at Glastonbury, his days in the Balham Alligators, Bassman for Judge Dread and working with Doctor John. . But why shouldn't he? Some musicians would give their last G-string for the
chance of even being in the same room with such company.

In his book "Watching the Rich Kids" (Arthur Kay. Publisher S.T. Publishing ISBN 0 9518497 2 7) Arthur describes his life up to about 1992 when his music direction began to change and just making a living as a professional musician became secondary to bringing-up kids and paying the mortgage. Having just turned down another tour and major European festival in his old robes, he goes forward, creating a new direction for his craft. Watch out for Arthur Kitchener the Wordsmith.

A new Album release is due in the second half of 2004 and will contain many new songs and plenty of the old favourites you all love, but this time in their original form. Unplugged, unpolluted. Pure Songsmith. - Reflecting life as it really is, riding the ups and downs of being British, Arthur will explore the humour and romance of the the ordinary man and what drives him to be who he is. The South London Boy has moved to Glastonbury where the myth and magic has transformed his mood and mode. Mmmm a very interesting album this will be.


A bit of Background - Press Release Millwall Anthem - Gigs

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Ska legenda ja punk/Oi! bändeistä The Last Resort ja Warriors tuttu ARTHUR K tulee 20.8.2004 Tampereen YO-Talolle vetäseen akustisen (sisältäen mm. Last Resortille ja Warriorssille tekemiä kappaleita) sekä parhaat hittinsä omaavan setin Valkyrianssin kanssa, jonka yhteydessä itse Valkyrians myös soittaa oman keikan. Muita bändejä ovat Evilsons, Wasted ja Flippin' Beans.
Liput 7 euroo ja ovet aukee joskus 21-22.

Arthur Kay


A bit of Background - Press Release-Millwall Anthem - Gigs

BBC5 Live at Cardiff - Chiles on Saturday 22nd May 2004
Arthur was interviewed live and named by the BBC as
"The Bard of Millwall". In a second spot on the programme he was asked to play "Let 'Em Come" live. The people on the street joined in which created a real party atmosphere. Arthur's Ska arrangement of Roy Green's original Millwall Theme "Let 'Em Come" was played on the show followed by"Stroll On Zigger Zagger Kitchener " the song Arthur wrote for famous football player Barry Kitchener. Certainly an exciting week for Arthur, Let's hope he can calm down before his trips to New York and Finland.

Something Wonderful Has Happened
By Chris Ashman

Something wonderful happened on 4th April 2004 at the "Theatre of Dreams" the Old Trafford Headquarters of Manchester United Football Club when they hosted the FA Cup Semi-final between Millwall and Sunderland.

Not only did Millwall win 1-0 but also, Kent based singer/songwriter/musician Arthur Kitchener (AKA. Arthur Kay) family and friends achieved a new world status as well.

The official Millwall anthem "Let 'Em Come" was updated for the Official Millwall Supporters CD in 1999 by Arthur, with a reggae style arrangement of the song. He, along with Kent band Originator from Herne Bay, members of the supporters club and some of the team players can be heard all over the country, leading the fans in the rousing chant before and after the matches of their heroes.

Struggling musicians and underdog football club have overcome all odds and scored (sic) their way to the higher echelons together. At the winning Semi-final their song, was played to capacity crowds preceding the actual match, the crowd roared, followed by "Two Tribes" (Frankie goes to Hollywood) as the teams spilled onto the pitch.

Immediately after the final whistle, "Let 'Em Come" was played again, and as the roar of the crowd receded, again as a Finale. There were tears all over the country that night; the underdogs really were King of the Jungle. (Another song Arthur wrote for the team in the 80's.). The local lads had International airplay on the TV, radio, in bars and sitting rooms all over the World. Will the phones ever stop ringing?

Unfortunately Kent record label owner Mark Brennan was not able to attend the match as his wife was about to present him with a beautiful daughter. What more could anyone ask for, on the day of his team and songwriters' victory.

The FA Cup Final is to be played at the Millennium Stadium at Cardiff on 22nd May 2004 between Millwall and football giants Manchester United who had better watch out, The Lions have already roared in their home den 3 times already in April.

Arthur Kitchener (AKA Arthur Kay)

Arthur started his relationship with Millwall in the 60's. His father had died when Arthur was 18 months old and by 12 he was living in a children's home with 39 other kids from South London and the East End. He was later reunited with his mother in Streatham. At this time Arthur was learning Bass guitar and playing with his first proper band. One night he came home to find his best friend Barry Tullet a Millwall supporter, totally elated as Millwall (4th Div.) had held Fulham (1st Div.) to a 3-3 draw at Craven Cottage in the 3rd round of the F.A.Cup. The following Monday he joined his friend at the replay where Millwall won 2-0 and was from then forever hooked.

Due to family and music commitments Arthur moved to Herne Bay in Kent and formed the legendary Ska band "Arthur Kay and the Originals". At this time Arthur was also teaching Bass guitar, his first pupil was Roy Pearce, now a great friend and collaborator in the band "The Last Resort". The first thing Roy asked his was if Arthur was related to Barry Kitchener the great Millwall player?. This stumped Arthur because he had never thought of the possibility, as all he knew about his family was that they lived in the Edmonton area of London. Arthur reputedly said, " I only know 3 great Kitcheners; "Your Country Needs You" Kitchener, Barry Kitchener and me".

Arthur Kitchener's best selling song "King of the Jungle" was written on the back of Millwall program during a gameIn the 80's. The empathy between the Lion, Club and the strength of unity in adversity holds strong 20 years later and for ever on, and in 1999 he was asked to rearrange and record the classic "Let 'Em Come".
Arthur relives the moment.

"I was asked to remake"Let 'Em Come" for the 1998/99 squad who were playing in the 'Auto Windscreen Shield' Final. I reformed my old Ska band "The Originator" and recorded the backing track with a guide vocal ready for the Millwall squad to come to the studio to complete. It was such an honour and one of the greatest moments in my life. But noting beat hearing the song played 3 times at the Semi. And at Old Trafford!"

I asked him how he felt about he forthcoming F.A. Cup Final.
He replied " For me it represents a battle between two clubs from very different backgrounds.
You have Manchester United a very successful team that attracts people from near and far but the majority of them will never go to Old Trafford."
"On the other hand you have Millwall, a real club with real supporters whose families and friends have been going to their ground for generations. They are a South London club that have captured the hearts of the Nation."

South London Boy by Birth, Millwall by the Grace of God

Arthur currently supplements his earnings as Hackney Cab driver in the City of Canterbury

Arthur has recently released a couple of demos and is developing into a dedicated acoustic artiste under the name "Arthur Kitchener - The Wordsmith". He is co-writing with other songwriters preparing for his next album including Mark Hewins who has collaborated on "South London Boy" and "August Messiah" who were last seen performing together at the Hythe AnnexFest where it is expected they will be seen again on 14th August. Mark is a respected Kent guitarist currently working with the Bob Geldorf Band and the Sinclair brothers of "Caravan" fame.

Arthur's disappointment after being blown out of Glastonbury this year, has been subdued by the news that he has been invited to appear at the WASTED Festival, Morecambe 15th - 18th July 2004. He will be appearing on the The Platform - Acoustic Stage with
The Joe Strummer Tribute with DJ Craig and guests :
Wreckless Eric, John Otway, Attila the Stockbroker, Rory McLeod, TV Smith, Paul Carter, Daevid Allen, The Mongolia Brothers, John Robb Punk Rock Seminar, Knox (Vibrators), The Flying Marrows, MDC Unplugged, Matt (Howards Alias), Arturo (Lurkers), Harakiri Karaoke, Joolz Denby, Andy Blade (Eater), POG, Hazel O'Connor Acoustic, Dan (MU330), Arthur Kitchener, Honest John Plain (Boys), Blood or Whiskey unplugged. + Blind Drunk - the game show (take of Blind Date) + Punk Idol - Wasted's very own pop idol + Bingo with Max Splodge

A bit of Backgound - Press Release Millwall Anthem - Gigs

2003 Review
Arthur invited Kentgigs to Hythe in August 2003 where he would be playing an acoustic gig on the mainstage at The Annex Fest.
Old friend Mark Hewins of The Bob Geldof Band was going to appear with him, their friendship goes back a long way so it would be good to see them working together again, and we had heard a bit of co-writing was going on. Sandi and I couldn't miss it, unable to comprehend how this would turn out having seen this chameleon change its spots so many times before. But this was different.

Arthur and Mark turned out a solid performance, presenting some new songs along with some of Arthur's old material dynamically changed for this new medium. Got to say we were impressed, he should have done this before. The new robes suited.
So now at last, more of Arthur's private songs are available for other artistes to record. He also said he is now available to write for performers looking for some different material for their acts. We look forward to this.
You can contact Arthur via

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