411 On The Independent Music Movement: What all Independent UK Artists Need to Know

411 On The Independent Music Movement DVD series offers detailed instruction for independent artists on how to promote and sell music in the US and Internationally. Music industry experts come together to offer guidance in the 6 hour, 3 disc series.

The “411”DVD provides insider knowledge on the music industry, enabling artists to get their music heard. There are more self-made artists today than ever before, and the competition is fierce. This DVD series gives the emerging musician a leg up on the competition. focusing on the USA, UK, and Japan. The DVD series offers instruction on music distribution, retailing and airplay, marketing, copywriting and how to set up your own business.

Our consultant at kentgigs.com found the advice and information is relevent to and helpful to, UK independent artists wishing to improve their business skills for breaking into America but a little extra study will be needed to relate the work of the US copyright and royalty organisations to UK organaisations such as MCPS, PRS, and PPL . The US Copyright Office registration details were interesting but not relative to UK writers.
No buts - for artists wishing to break into the music buisiness This is the Biz, there is not a lot missing, Disc 3 contains 9,000 contacts and companies throughout the world that can help the indie musician and over 50 articles on music industry topics. The publisher has pulled some moves here by incorporating "The Indie Bible", a valuable resource that would cost $30 on it's own.
Order the the DVD set series from our shop for only £19.99 incl. p&p. - retail price guide £24.99 or 34E or $49.95

Aneel Robinson is the man behind the “411” DVD. As a performing artist on tour, other musicians asked how he succeeded in the music industry himself. Aneel did originally encounter obstacles getting his own career up and running, producing CDs and organizing national tours. His experiences, good and bad, led him to produce the DVD series over the past 2 years. You may know him as Music 4 Da Soul Records or from the Gavin Charts and winning the ‘Best R&B Album’ at the 'Northwest Music Awards'. He has also produced 3 other CDs, with sales over 50,000, under the same label. You can also find Aneel on UK Solar Radio, where he hosts  “The Juice”, featuring only independent artists.

Listen to the music industry experts’ advice and practical suggestions including and International Distributors such as Derek Sivers, of CDBaby.com, D.J. John Dean in the UK and Greg Percifield (Music Forte Marketing, Promoting and Distribution in Japan).

Disc 1
Aneel Robinson and Mike Purdy – Introduction
Steve Albini – The Trouble with Music
Chris Knab – Music Consultant
John McDaniel – Music Director, KNHC
Beth Valiant – Music Director, KVTI Tacoma
Jerry Drummond – General Manager , KAOS
John Dean – UK D.J.
Nabil Ayers – Owner, Sonic Boom Records
Timothy Waldal and Michael Batt, Manager and Co-owner, Silver Platters
Vi Jay – Owner, and DJ Flo, DJ Elvishio, DJ Kid J - 2-Funky Records, UK
Zoe Lathbury – Pinnacle Distribution, UK
Bill McNally – Burnside DistributionDVD

Disc 2
Greg Percifield – Music Forte
Russell Edward – Public Access TV, Seattle
John England – All about record pools
Rand Schlager – DMX
Matt Jorgensen – Music Publications
Jim Rosemary – New Tech Web
Derek Sivers – Owner, CD Baby
Neeta Ragoowanski, Sound Exchange, Royalty Distribution for Musicians
Laurie Westover, Tax Accounting for Musicians
Neil Sussman, Entertainment Attorney

CD Rom Disc 3
Booking Gigs online – Jay Flanzbaum, www.onlinegigs.com (Audio)
Eric Norberg – Music consultant (Audio)
Indie Database – Over 9,000 music industry contacts at radio stations, online distributors, newspapers.
Also includes live links to industry contacts and over 50 articles written by and for music professionals.

Order the the DVD set series from our shop for only £19.99 incl. p&p retail price guide £24.99 or 34E or $49.95

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